2 weeks into breastfeeding still expeirancing pain in one breast

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Hi there,

My baby is 15 days old today - and although breastfeeding is going well, I can tell she is getting plenty of milk, I am having awful pain in my right breast, it has a small crack that seems to heal during non-feeding period, but once I put baby back to it, it splits wide open again. I've been using Lanisol ointment, but to no avail, the pain is so bad my shirt rubbing against it makes me wince, much less when I get baby latched I could almost scream in pain.. Its so painful I have to ensure I don't squeeze baby while getting through her latching...It hurts for the entire feed but much more during the letdown and intial latch.

Anyways, my question is this, can I pump this breast while it heals? and just feed baby off my left breast, my left breast has very little pain only during letdown - also should I just freeze the stored milk or should I feed it to her after finishing the left breast?

This is my 2nd breastfed baby, my first I gave up after 3 weeks due to pain, I don't want to give up on breastfeeding this time, just finding it very challenging dealing with this pain. Any advise would be great. I've been under the impression breastfeeding will hurt for a few weeks while my nipples toughen up, I plan on going to a breastfeeding clinic if the pain does not subside by her 3 week appointment.


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i too faced the same problem in both the breast with both of my kids. now my son is 2 1/2 months old , for the past 2 months the pain is there ,its ok now. when he suck the whole hand will pain,i will shead tears... in my experience the medicine will not work out,it should cure by its own. i tryed lot of things, it doesin't.

my suggession is make ur baby to hold ur nipple fully,not onlythe nipple. the position should be right ,put pillow on your lap and grabe your child head and feed. see that it is comfortable for ur baby. apply coconut oil in ur nipple,or wipe with hot water every time u feed.

i used to play games when iamfeeding to get diverted from pain. i too have more milk, i didnot tryed pumping,u may pump the milk and give it in spoon if it doesn't pain. i think when ur child suck only u will not feel heavy breast.


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milk duct) has comes and goes I have to keep my nipple soft/ "wet" with olive Oli otherwise it will scab over. I did start to crack and bleed ( so I feel your pain) and as much as it hurts keep feeding baby on that side. You can apply ice to help/ dull the pain. ( I used frozen veggie bags). It may help to put a pad on so you don't rub ( it helped me).

I Would stay away from the nipple shield. That is one more thing to try and figure out/hold while nursing- plus for baby to figure out. Very few people need them.

Making an apt. with a lactation specialist is helpful and critical to establishing your nursing with baby.

Hope things feel better soon for you.

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I encourage you to stick to nursing your little one. For me, with each baby (3), I hit challenges at each one.

I would refran from givIng your baby a bottle until BF is well established ( 6 weeks is the recommendation- this includes pacifiers as well). You can freeze your milk, feed baby with a spoon( although you need a lot of patience for this), or baby can lap it up ( like a cat would) from a cup. The best of course is for baby to nurse on the side that hurts.

A good latch is key to nursing. Baby should have their lower lips curled out like a fish, open mouth on you and as much of your ariola as possible. You can latch baby off and start over by re-positioning . Different nursing holds can work as well to release/ "even out" the area baby latches.

I have bought a cream called "mother love nipple cream" and it has worked wonders ( all natural) . Recently the only thing that has released pain on my nipple is olive oil. I out some on a cotton square then put a pad on. No need to wipe before BF.

Do you have clogged duct? A bleb?

This has been my experience: with my third I started fine then a few days into BF I hurt (screaming/ cringing) and it looked like I had a bubble under my skin Only on the left part of my nipple. I had to apply pressure with my fingers and hold my nipple like "a cigarette" ( this is the terms that is used in BF books)

. My bleb (a clogged m

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Yes, you can pump it. I'd probably freeze the milk so that you can wait to introduce the bottle until breastfeeding is well established if your baby isn't latching right still. If baby is latching properly now, then you can probably start a bottle if you want.

I talked to my pediatrician at my 2 week appointment with both sides bleeding (one much worse than the other), and she suggested I use a nipple shield on the worst side at least to allow it to heal. The thing to remember if you use a nipple shield (available at Target and Walmart) is to make sure baby still is getting just the breast sometimes so s/he will be able to go back to regular nursing without the shield. You really only want to use the shield until you don't need it anymore. Then keep Lanolin-ing until you feel you no longer need it. This happened on my second but not my first, so this was news to me and I'm so grateful she suggested the nipple shield. It took me about a week of the shield. I used it on the worst side every time, and the better side just sometimes until one side was healed, then stopped using it on that side, then stopped on the other when it healed.

When the lactation consultant at the hospital heard I used a nipple shield in a follow-up phone call they made, I think she may have disapproved, but I was at my wit's end, and tea bags and lanolin were so very much not cutting it.

The key to recovering, shield or not, pumping or not, etc... is that you have to get baby latched right, and if baby isn't, breaking suction with a finger and trying again. You may have fixed it already, but if not or if you're not sure, check KellyMom.com or other sites, see a lactation consultant, talk to a BFing friend... You'll have to fix the latch or the problem will continue.

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