3 month old waking to eat for comfort - help!

Barbara - posted on 12/05/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi - I have a 3 month old who was sleeping 6 hours at night (10-4) until last week. Now he has the same pattern every night. Bed at 10, wakes up around 1:30am, 4am, 6am. Each time he wakes, he nurses only for a minute and passes out again.
We try to follow a similar schedule each day. I make him wake around 7:30 am so he can eat, but it's hard to keep him awake and get him to eat at that time because he was night waking.
How can I get him to stay asleep? He's obviously not hungry. We've tried having my husband soothe him, giving him bottle instead of breast, and just patting him to sleep, but he just screams!


Gina - posted on 12/05/2013




Lots of babies love comfort nursing. My sweet baby girl goes thru phases of doing this more and less. I have simply accepted that I'm going to be sleep deprived, allow her to meet her needs when she comfort nurses for long and/or frequent periods, ask for support from my hubby when I need it (getting me water, keeping me company in the middle of the night, etc), and finally I keep in my mind that spending this time with my baby is dear bonding time. I'm a working mommy so my baby goes to daycare during the day and I miss her bunches.

It won't last forever, hang in there mama!


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Depressedemoprincess - posted on 12/07/2013




If your baby wants to just to just use you for comfort then you should let them, or try to get them to use a binky for a short while at night. Babies do what they are most comfortable with doing. My son is 11 months and he still uses me for comfort about 3 times a night just to know that I am there is he needs me. I am glad to be there for my baby. And you should pat yourself on the back for being there too!

Priyanka - posted on 12/06/2013




Hi my baby is 2 month old now and go through the same phase now and then.feeding him is the only way to soothe him. so dont worry just go ahead. my baby also falls asleep while feeding and sometimes i overfeed him and he ends up spitting.

Lori - posted on 12/05/2013




I agree with Gina 100%
This is completely normal. Let baby nurse back to sleep, and soon you'll see another change in sleep patterns.
I looked at it this way: A breastfeeding moms has the best baby soother ever - her breasts. They were made for feeding AND comforting baby. use them for what they were made to do. As a breast feeding mom I could ALWAYS soothe my baby back to sleep quickly. My formula feeding friends didn't have that easy option. They'd be rocking and singing and not able to offer another bottle just yet if baby woke early. Could take an hour, sometimes 2 to get baby back to sleep. Me… pull out a boob, pop it in baby's mouth.. 5 minutes later baby is back asleep and so am I.

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