3rd child and not nursing well at all, need help!

Lauren - posted on 03/23/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Has anyone else experienced this. I just had my third child 9 days ago and I have had the worst time nursing him. We started okay in the hospital, but then (history repeated itself) the day after I left, I had bloody nipples. I have experienced this with my other two children, it has to do with my anatomy, but usually I get through the pain (mostly with the help of a nipple shield) and then I begin nursing normally again. I also amp up my pumping game, so I don't lose anything. Besides that I also take Mother's Milk tea and I have started my more milk capsules and goat's rue. With all of that, I am still having nursing issues. I am not producing much at all. I pump about 2 ozs of milk every two days or so between both breasts. I always have to supplement after I nurse due to him not eating enough. When I do pump or even nurse, there is no fullness to my breasts. I am completely lost. I have always had issues, but I at least produced enough to satisfy my kids, with very minimal supplementing (due to me being employed full-time). Needless to say I have been very bummed out and I don't know what to do. I have been in contact with my lactation consultants almost everyday. Part of my feeding during the day I nurse while supplementing (I use a homemade version of the lactaid(i think that is what it is called)) I am open to any suggestions you may have. PLEASE HELP!


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Couple of thoughts:

-Pumping is not an indicator of supply. Average output is 1/2 to 2 oz total. What kind of pump do you have? Babies are much more efficient than the pump and the amount you pump doesn't necessarily mean that's how much they're getting

-Never base supply on feel of breasts. You don't want full breasts.

That's great that you're using a lactaid! Have you had your baby checked for tongue tie per chance?

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How long is your maternity leave? When I was talking to my Le Leche League consultant daily they couldn't express more to not supplement at all. At least not in the very beginning. Also they advised against pumping... they said it is VERY harmful to the nipples. If anything they said for me to try to avoid pumping for as long as I could. My nipples were bleeding and they recommended Cabbage Leaves. Those were my saving grace. They are very cool from the fridge and I also used Lanolin jelly on them during my in between not nursing. That is very healing.

I was mortified when my 3rd boy did not latch while in the hospital. They even tried to convince me to formula supplement during our stay. I refused because I had already been through such ridiculous events with my other two, I already knew what to expect from the nurses. They always go for the bottle first. We have to deal with the nipple confusion later when we get home. Anyway it took about 2 whole weeks before Ethan opened his fricken mouth wide enough to latch properly. He was being a lazy but. GOD, I was on the verge of a nervous break down because I was PETRIFIED of not getting my opportunity to nurse my 3rd baby as well as my 2 other boys. Stick it out, girlfriend. You are in the home stretch :) Oh, a little trick I used on Ethan was finding the spot in between the jaw and the front of the ear area. If you place your finger in this space the mouth is at it's widest. Try it on yourself it is actually pretty cool. I learned it in my Voice Technique Course in College. When the mouth is at it's widest the clearest and perfect sound comes out :)


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Lauren - posted on 03/23/2012




Deidre- My maternity leave has not been completely decided yet. I am actually going to starting a new job when I go back to work. I am taking approximately 6-8 weeks off. Hopefully closer to the 8 weeks.

I am completely upset/mortified, sad about this not working out so well. I would not have supplemented at all but he was beyond the point of hunger when I started and it is always after I nurse. I use my form of lactaid during the day and I usually nurse first without it then add it if he still is requesting more, which is almost every time. I do about a 4-6 hour run with out supplementing at all, but he gets soo tired. My lactation consultants checked to see if he was tongue tied and he isn't. I even had the doctor check as well. As for my pump, I have two. I have my original Medela from my first born that I use with both him and my second. Then I just got through my insurance a Medela Advanced pump. My lactation consulants also checked them out to see if something could be wrong with them and they seemed to be working properly. I know I shouldn't look at what I am pumping, but it is discouraging at times!

As for the latch, I do believe that he doesn't open up as wide as my other children did, but he does latch on well to start, then after a few minutes, he attempts to come off. I continue to encourage and watch time ((I found this great app on my phone that help calculate time, etc.) I have been in several times and worked with my lactation consultants on the latch and I am supposively doing fine. I will check out the videos on YouTube though. I just want all the knowledge I can.

Thank-you for posting. I will keep posting updates!

Jenni - posted on 03/23/2012




I am a retired LLL leader, and presently a doula and student midwife. I would first check for tounge tied! That is a big thing right now. Seems a lot of babies have it these days. (Don't know why) Then I would work on latch. YouTube has some great videos on teaching a proper latch. It's good for so mant breastfeeding issues....love YouTube (husband even used it to remodel the bathroom LOL) Anyway.....Tipping the head back, rolling the baby up to the breast as to lay the nipple on the front part of the tounge with the actual nipple headed to hit the roof of the mouth. It's hard to describe in words. The key thing is to get the nipple to the back of the upper part of the mouth/throat. And don't force baby's head to the nipple. Try to allow head to fall back and bring baby to you with your arm support behind, on their back. Hold in tightly which keeps the baby in line correctly. I wish I could just come and help you. I feel so bad for moms with this problem. I am still lactating....I wish I could feed other babies to help moms out. I will pray for you! I would stop pumping for now so your nipples can heel. Use lansinol to keep them moist.

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