4 month old not getting satisfied...

Lindsay - posted on 01/29/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi! Where to start? My lo is 4months old today and what a 4 months it has been. He has been a joy to look after, the best of the 3 I've had by far. He has been EBF since birth, not a natural feeder though. He took a few weeks to learn how to latch on correctly and tends to clamp down (bite) when he's finished, but feeds well. He was feeding every 3-4 hours in the day, and only waking once between 7pm and 6.30am. In the last week however, he is struggling to last 3 hours between feeds and is waking twice a night, taking a full feed each time. In addition to this, my let down seems to have changed. Where I used to leak from the other breast as he fed, and he would sometimes choke on the letdown, I no longer leak and he seems to cope easily with the let down. He has started to seem to be looking for more milk after emptying both breasts too. Now, I have been tired. Could this affect my supply? No extra stress or any other changes..
I'm not sure which way to go. Do I start giving him some baby rice? Do I try topping him up with formula/combine feeding? What would you do? Any advice would be welcome!
Thank you x


Carolyn - posted on 01/31/2011




I agree with Kathy 100 % , avoid the cereal and let baby adjust your supply by feeding on demand. Once he empties both breast, if he will latch again, just put him back on and try breast compressions.

remember you are a milk factory and not a milk storage unit, you are producing milk as baby eats ! so relatch him if he still seems hungry, this will get him more milk, and stimulate your supply.

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My bubby also "clams down" when he is finished when he was that age.
I get crap for sleep and it hasn't affected my supply. Sounds like he is going through a growth spurt. If you feel you need a boost in your breast milk, try eating oatmeal daily, I seen a difference with in a short few days.
He is 4ms so you could start solids if you would like. I wouldn't do rice cereal, it is sooo low in nutrition and causes constipation. Start with avocados, you will have to make it on your own, but it is easy. Just de-pit the avocado, peel off the skin or scoop out the inside with a spoon. Mash it with a fork and add breast milk or water to make it smooth and a thin/watery consistency. Avocado is a GREAT starter food because it is low in sodium, cholesterol-free, full of valuable nutrition, and it is the only fruit that contains monounsaturated fats, which are essential for baby's development and if I'm not mistaken it helps with brain development.
When my son was going through his growth spurt he was eating solids, but I would just nurse him as often as he wanted, if he nursed on both breasts I'd just keep flopping him back and forth. Baby (or pump) never really completely empty your breasts! Your breasts are always producing milk, so if they feel empty or baby doesn't seem satisfied anymore then it could be that it's not coming out as fast or as much. My bubby has done that to me.

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I would guess this is a normal growth spurt. No need to supplement, just feed on demand and your supply will readjust to your baby's needs in a few days to a week.

Lack of sleep can effect your supply so try to get as much as you can and stay hydrated as well.

As far as the let down changing, it sounds like you might have had a forceful let down before and now your body has just re-regulated. "...many moms find that their abundant supply and fast let-down will subside, at least to some extent, by about 12 weeks (give or take a bit). At this point, hormonal changes occur that make milk supply more stable and more in line with the amount of milk that baby needs." - kellymom.com


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Lindsay - posted on 02/01/2011




Thanks ladies! You all seem to be right! (Not really sure why I hadn't though of growth spurt myself! You'd think I'd know being on my third!!) My breasts are starting to feel full again and lo is much happier. Thank you again, glad I haven't rushed into trying baby rice etc!

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Sounds like a growth spurt. Every so often, baby decides he needs a bit more milk to help him grow, so he stimulates your supply by demanding more. He'll get it sorted, then settle down again. I wouldn't go giving him cereal at this stage - he's only 4 months old. Giving him solids too early could affect your supple.
Yes, being tired wouldn't be helping, but we women deal with that, it's part of the job! Use some strategies like giving the housework a miss and having a nap or watching mindless TV (talked you into it, right?) Get hubby to make some meals, get your friends/family to drop in with a casserole.
All the best.

Karen - posted on 01/31/2011




sound like a growth spurt but if you want have him try to eat the babies rice cereal maybe that might fill him up just a lil bit more than normal. you can mix it with your breast milk so the flavor for him wont change to much. hope this helps.

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I agree with Aislinn, sounds like a growth spurt. And not having a forceful let-down anymore is a plus! I'm sure your supply just regulated.

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