6 month old on solids not getting enough milk help!

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Hello there,

I have a problem that seems to be getting worse not better! My son is 6 months old in the 90% in weight and height. We started him on solids at 5 months because he was nursing me dry and crying like crazy because it wasn't enough(mostly in the evening). He was no longer sleeping through the night. His Dr recommended starting solids and then giving him a large formula bottle (6oz) the feeding before his last bedtime feeding to allow my supply to build up. This worked for about a week. Then he began needing more and more during the day we are now up to 3 formula bottles a day!-in addition to nursing me dry. I don't know if he is really needing more food or if my supply has suffered because of the formula supplimentation. The past 6 days we have not given any formula unless he has just nursed and is still screaming; in an efforet to try to build my supply. I'm drinking tons of water and I have seen no improvment. I'm about to quit breast feeding all together. I am so frustrated. Please help. I'm open to any advise at this point. Thanks very much :) Sarah


Joanie - posted on 11/13/2008




I wouldn't want your baby to have to be hungry, but it doesn't sound like he's hurting for food (90%) so you might try a different way to calm him instead of feeding. Is he getting enough sleep during the day? You can try feeding your baby more frequently, before he's really starving. Then maybe he won't get so mad once you're out and he will stay on long enough to stimulate more milk. Are you nursing him before you feed him the cereal or bottle? Nurse often, pump after you nurse, try to cut back on so much formula. Also, I've heard fenugreek works wonders for supply problems. Good Luck.

Tiffany - posted on 11/13/2008




i would also just try to breastfeed in a calm quiet environment. it sounds like you're stressed out about this and stress can affect your supply....also have you started your period back - around the time you noticed the supply dip? that can also affect your supply.


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Geneva - posted on 11/13/2008




the best way to stimulate milk production is continued & frequent nursing. even if it's every 1-2 hrs. Pedi has baby's best interest in mind, so the fastest & easiest thing is substituting formula, but maybe not the best thing long term. Stick with it! Also, I've heard lots of reports that a beer a day does wonders for milk production. And I agree w/prev. posts - stress can reek havoc on milk production.

Amber - posted on 11/13/2008




Call a lactation consultant. Unfortunately pediatricians don't always know what's best as far as breastfeeding goes. I would also suggest pumping. Also there are things people have mentioned on here to increase milk supply. Good luck

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