6 months 2 week old baby crying a lot

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My baby has been really okay and had stopped crying like this one he was 3-4 months old.

I have also started him on solids from a month now. Breastfeeding and EBM in bottle.

Today, he ate more than we would normally eat in the morning and also during evening. He also did give few loud burps.

After 2 hours from last feed was his bed time.
He was in pretty good mood entire day. He was too sleepy. He started crying during his bed time and won't stop. I decided to give him grip water. He instantly vommited what ever solids I have fed him.
After vomit I did try to nurse him, and gave him little bit of EBM.

He crying in a lot but also stays clam for a while. I have applied him teething gel also, if its due to aching gums.
I gave him little bit of calpol, if his body can not take gripe water.

can u pls suggest, what could happen to babies at this age and what can be wrong. His color and everything looks just fine.


Elizabeth - posted on 09/09/2011




I suspect that his problem is teething. Some babies vomit or have diahrea when teething and my two both slept extra. Other things that you could try for teething are the teethers (my son likes different ones at different times although his favorite teether is my finger) letting him chew on a cold washcloth or even wrapping an ice cube in a damp washcloth and if he is really upset and other things don't work well, try whatever pain reliever that your doctor has recommended. Keep nursing. There are some natural pain killers in the breast milk, plus the act of him sucking produces pain killers in the brain.

If teething is not the problem, it could be that he is going through a growth spurt that is causing him pain or he could be going through a develepmental spurt. My daughter used to sleep a lot and be cranky right before she developed a new skill. He could have vomitted simply from the crying.

One other thing to consider. Have you introduced a new food into his diet in the last day or two. He could be having problems digesting it, and it is causing some problems with his gut. (probably not true allergies though if there are no other signs.) If you have given him something new, you may want to wait a while before you try it again.

Best wishes in figuring out the problem and fix it. It is such a horrible feeling when your little one is upset and you don't know what to do to fix it.

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