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So I exclusively breastfed my daughter until she was about 4 - 4.5 months old, which is when I started introducing pureed foods. She HATED eating it, I'm not sure if it's because she couldn't feed herself, or she just didn't like the texture. So I decided to switch over to a baby-led weaning type of feeding. She has been eating well cooked finger foods all by herself and it has been going by MUCH better, I do give her rice cereal at night before bed, topped up with breastmilk, but that is usually a fight and a half.

It seems like she is still always hungry. If I offer her food, whether breastmilk or finger foods she always takes it and will munch down. It's like she never stops eating. I'm not sure whether she just isn't getting enough solid foods with the way I'm feeding her or if there is maybe something wrong with my breastmilk now (? I know unlikely but my grandmother had this problem). I offer her solid foods for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and right before bed. Plus she nurses 6-8 times a day on top of all of that!

This is my first child so I'm not sure if this is how much they are supposed to be eating. She just started crawling 3-4 weeks ago, and she pulls herself up on things and scoots along furniture, so I'm sure she's burning a lot more calories now then she was before (at her 6 month check up she weighed 17.5 lbs and she now currently weighs 17 lbs, and she was in the 97% for all areas). I don't know what to do. Should I try and force feed her more purees, she hates them so much and it's always a fight, but if it will help her I could? Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks so much!


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Hello. don't think it's a problem with your baby. now she is 7 months old, and your breast milk it's not so consistent for her, let her eat what she likes most. give her what she likes to eat. 4 breakfast make 2 her a soft boiled egg with a little olive oil,something hearty lunch rice with green beans, spinach or what kind of food she likes, for dinner at bedtime cereal or oatmeal.make her a program u can between meals to give her something to chew snacks,she has more energy and therefore is not satisfied and always wants to eat. What about the stomach? whenever going out per day? how many times? i hope my advice will help u. dont'worry then. i have 3 children my little daugter 1.9 months old and she doesn't eat ha ha . u see? every one have problems with babies. so take care of her and let me know how is she after a while. wish u the best.

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