7 month old wont eat baby food

Shannon - posted on 03/01/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




so my 7 mo will not eat jar baby foo he will sometimes eat finger food but he mainly wants to nurse is this normal. what can I do to get him to eat?


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Heather - posted on 03/06/2011




My baby didn't show any interest in solids till around 7 mos., and even then it was hesitant. When he finally got into pureed food a couple months later, he then did an about face and outright refused anything mashed up. He did this, of course, before he had mastered the art of chewing and swallowing whole foods. I just kept thinking, oh dear, he's not eating! My hubby thankfully was the voice of reason on this. He kept reminding me that the baby was being breastfed and that was as rich & nutritious as it gets. I finally just relaxed about it and let our kid set his own eating pace. After turning one, he suddenly caught on and now he's a great eater.
My two cents: don't sweat it. If he's being breastfed, he's doing just fine. And he'll eat when he's ready to.

Brittany - posted on 03/02/2011




My daughter was formula feed and refused to eat a lot of different baby foods... she's now 23 months and loves everything but when she see the baby food in the squeeze ppouch at the store oh man does she want it... take your time and keep trying... Good Luck

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Mine didn't get into solids until about 10 months old. I kept offering but she just wasn't ready. Don't stress about it, he'll start in his own time.

Keara - posted on 03/02/2011




I wouldn't worry too much, but maybe try sharing some from your plate with him... whenever we make sweet potatoes my son, will holler at me until i give him a couple bites so i've actually started making some plain for him in a little spot on my plate and "sharing" with him, so he feels like he is part of the family. I would avoid jarred foods for the most part though, they are full of nasty preservatives and other nasty stuff, that is acceptable by the food standards, like bug parts and hair, you should try to make your own food as much as possible from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. I've actually just started a group called Baby Bullet Magicians, which is dedicated to home made baby food, recipes, ideas and experiences. You should join and we can swap some ideas!! :)

Monica - posted on 03/01/2011




My DS is VERY picky about which foods but has LOVED them since around 6 months. But I started with strictly Earth's Best cereal mixed with Breastmilk and then started added other single foods very slowly. I found all of the age recommendations to be way off for him. He is 1 year now and still really only like the stage 2 type foods although he will now finally eat a little texture. His very favorite is Sprout's Holiday Vegatable Dinner. And if you haven't tried the higher quality organic foods like Earth's Best, Sprout, Plum or Happy Baby, give them a try! They taste A LOT better than cheaper brands.

Kimberly - posted on 03/01/2011




I wouldnt worry too much and if he likes the finger foods let him have a go with that. It is a bit messier but they get better with practice,I would just still offer the food to him but have the attitude that if he eats it great if he doesnt thats fine too. Also he might just not like jar baby food, my daughter wouldnt have a bar of it, even at 16 months she'll only have some of the fruits but prefers finger food

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I wouldn't be worrying Shannon. As the saying goes," food before one is only for fun". Just let him play round with it and get used to the new textures and tastes. None of my 3 daughters were interested in solids before about 12 months - only breastmilk - and they all grew into healthy adults who eat just about anything! he'll be fine.

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