8 month old is easily distracted while nursing, any suggestions?

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My 8 month old son gets easily distracted while nursing. he will nurse for a couple of minutes and then wants to play, then nurse again, and so on. i pump too so he does get a bottle sometimes. i try to nurse in a quiet place, but he still wants to roll around and play...any tips ladies?? thanks :)


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Maria - posted on 06/15/2010




lol...i kinda think its cute but when we are in a hurry ugh! lol i know how u feel. i just take it away. my son is 5months old and he does the samething. he'll eat a good 5-10 min. then just stop to look around. once hestarts doing that i just put the boob away...i think its just a comfort thing they go thru.

Cherry Mae - posted on 06/14/2010




My baby too used to be like that. she loves playing around and easily gets distracted while being nursed. what i did is i don't nurse her when she's not so hungry yet. Once I nurse her and she still wants to do other things, i stop feeding her. And when she seemed to be hungry, that's the time i nurse her back. She then sucks till she's full and don't get distracted anymore because she's too hungry to go back playing..and it really works well.

I hope this helps.:)

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