8 wk old constipation?

Danielle - posted on 01/08/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




my lil girl is 8 wks old ever since i went back to work she has not pooped on her own... its been almost three weeks now... we have tried karo syrup and even a little apple juice wit water.... she is a breastfed mostly baby she gets about two ounces of formula a day to mix wit breast milk while i am at work. the doctor wants us to stop usin suppositories its been three days now since a bowel movement... she turns red grunts crys and nothin happens.... this is my first child... i really need some help with fixin it>>>


Rebecca - posted on 01/09/2010




After 6 weeks of age na EBF babys stooling pattern changes because there is less colostrum in the breast milk (this is the laxative property of bm) You will notice that your baby whom had a bowel movement a bunch of times a day may now go days without one. This is normal! A bf baby can go 7-10 days without a bowel movement. This does not mean that they are constipated. It is also normal for your baby to grunt, strain, and turn red as they are bearing down. This is the babys way of gaining control of its bowels. The rectum in a baby is very imature and a baby will bear down anytime it feels gas, or a bit of stool there. This will alot of times make the mom feel as though the baby is constipated because they baby is bearing down and yet only gas or nothing comes out. This is just the way the baby learns to be in tune with their body. Im sure you have noticed by now that your baby is less likely to pee during a diaper change, this is because they have learned to control it a bit more then when they were first born, same with their bowels. There is no need to use suppositories or give anything to baby to "fix" this. Giving suppositories can actually make baby dependant on them as the suppository forces the bowel to contract on its own rather then the baby doing it on their own during a bowel movement. The baby will not be able to learn how to do it on their own if it is done for them. A baby is only considered constipated when they have very dark, formed, very hard stool (like a rabbits, pellets) and sometimes a baby will cry for long periods of time, as well as they may have blood streaked stool from pushing so hard. They can get hemmhoroids and fissures on their rectum as well. As long as your baby is only getting breast milk (and even some formula) and peeing lots of wet diapers and dosnt look dehydrated then more then likely they are not constipated and need no help at all. It just takes time.

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my little boy is 8 weeks also. In the last two weeks his BMs have become less frequent and that is normal. as with what other people have said it is really common for a BF baby to not have a BM for up to 7 days. Most babies will fall into their own routine (atleast mine did)..keep a calendar to keep track and it might help you feel better about it.

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we use pears when ever our son becomes constipated it works great better then prunes

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Nothing is wrong unless she's screaming in pain and unconsolable...it's a normal growth phase. Her body is simply using more milk than it is not using. Also at this stage your milk supply is leveling out to what the demand is. If she poops nice and soft/runny as usual there is no constipation issue. Please don't worry about giving her karo, it's an old wive's tale remedy and can actually be bad for them. It's not necessary to do that...she'll poop soon, promise....it's not unusual for a breast fed baby to not poop for up to a week, but then watch out...cause it'll be a big one coming! No, 5mo without pooing is not normal, but 5days is. It is totally normal hun, I promise...keep track of the wet diapers during these phases and as long as she's having at least 5 or 6good wet diapers she's getting plenty!


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my doctor told me that is normal for babies who are only breastfeed not to have BM till 10 days after that something is wrong..so u can help your baby to poop if u massage him gently on the belly,and his legs moving them like hi is riding a bike...that is really helpful for them it makes it easier and u dont have to use medication.some babies go more than 3times a day and some of them wait for couple of days....

Minnie - posted on 01/08/2010




How long did you let her go without giving her karo syrup and apple juice? After about six weeks many breastfed infants switch from several small bowel movements per day to a large one every several days. This does not mean your baby is constipated.

Babies turn red and grunt and cry. It is not an indication of constipation.

Jamie - posted on 01/08/2010




A breastfed baby can goes days with out pooping. It is normal Some have gone up to 5 months I think that is what I heard. She may just be gassy.

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