advice - baby latches on then pulls away and cries, but not always

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A friend of mine was asking for my help today with her son. I am not sure what to tell her so I came here to ask some other bf mommies! She says that her son ( 4 months old) will latch on and nurse well in the morning but after that he will pull away and cry and fuss. I thought perhaps she has a lower supply during the later part of the day and he gets frustrated? She says he doesn't do the crying if fed with a bottle, only the breast. She is ready to switch to pumping and feeding her BM with a bottle from frustration.


Nicole - posted on 02/01/2011




I think you may be correct in your assumption of the problem but without more info, I can not be sure. She should try breast compressions when he first latches. This may help her milk let-down faster/sooner. The bottle may also be the culprit. Since many women have large milk production in the morning (kind of an over-supply), it acts a lot like the bottle, but when it the production slows and gets back to normal throughout the rest of the day, the supply is back to normal and it takes work for baby to transfer the milk. If he wants that "instant gratification" that comes from her heavy flow and the flow from the bottle, then he is going to be less patient with those other feedings. She needs to actually limit the bottles and she should NEVER give the bottles. Those should only come from someone else. He should know that when he is being fed by mom, then it is from the tap. Tell her this will take a little patience and some work, but she can do it! Tell her to do breast compressions and massage while trying to get her milk to eject. She can also attach the pump until she lets down and then latch him on, but this doesn't train her breasts to let down faster or teach him to be more patient. So that may be a never ending process if she does that. She should also relax. Try to feed him where she is most relaxed and where he is not easily distracted. Because distractions may be part of the reason he wants faster nursing sessions. I will say more if I think of any... I hope this helps.


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Perhaps her milk is either coming out too fast or not fast enough and the baby is frustrated? My little girl gets that way sometimes... also if I feed her too often (because i think she's hungry, but she's not really) then its just that the baby is full. Also, her baby could be teething. Both my girls cut their first tooth around 4 months. And i didn't BF my first that long, but my second (5 months) got really fussy during feedings the couple weeks before her tooth came in. And what about distractions? My first feed is usually in my bed... no TV, my oldest is still asleep, etc. Hope it goes better for her! :)

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Oh and it cud also b something like oral or nipple thrush. Is he sick with a cold or sore throat? Ask her to Try when he is asleep or having a nap...

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Is it after a shower in the morning that he does not latch? Is it a deodorant or cream she is using which is different to the one she used previously? If not ensure no cream or soap gets on the nipples...babies can b quite sensitive. I have stopped wearing perfume as my baby is a fussy eater. Also I found that if I don't take my vitamins he doesn't drink probably because the taste changes and when I take something new he does not like that either! Another factor cud b that he drinks when he is drowsy or asleep but not when he is Awake kind of like a nursing strike... My baby has been doing this for the last 4 months and I can only feed him when he has a nap or he is asleep:(( I am still persevering and don't have a life cause I just stay home to have an opportunity to get some breast milk into him...

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