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Bernadine - posted on 11/14/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there,

I'm new to this site. Don't have any friends. Can you please help me? My son is almost 5 months old. I want to start him on solids at 6 months, but it recently got VERY difficult. To me it seems as if he really want solids (lots of signs). He started to scream after every feed no matter how often I feed him and he watch us when we eat, chewing on his tongue, reaching for the food, opening his mouth.

I'm so confussed. I really want to do exclusive breastfeeding untill 6months. Is this normal? Will everything be alright?

Help... :/


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Colleen - posted on 11/14/2010




Hello...with my first I waited until six months to start he on solids, but I have my second child now and I started him at four months. If your child is showing the signs (and it sounds like it is!!) I don't think it'ss hurt to start him on some solids. Just start wit once a day and gradually go up to twice and so on. Some infant pabluems are made to be mixed with breastmilk or formula if want. My child has already tried rice and oatmeal pableum, squash, sweet potato, peas, peaches, apricot, banana. Those are some of the beginner fruits and veg. I sure hope it helps...P.S.. my child still nurses, so don't worry.

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