almost 11 month old won't nurse

Ellenchaves - posted on 12/06/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is almost 11months. He will be 11 months on Dec 9th, up until this point he has been amazing! Never had an issue nursing, I went back to work after he was 12 weeks old and since then he drinks breast milk from a bottle during the day and Breastfeeds in the morning and evenings. Weekends he was breastfeeding strictly (after 6months we introduced solids). Then all of a sudden on Friday evening he did not want the breast anymore. Every time I try to offer the breast he bites me (he had 7 teeth and never when either of the teeth were coming in he refused the breast). I'm pumping still and feeding him a bottle but I really would like to continue to breastfeed him when I'm home.

Have any of you gone through this? I'm devastated and depressed that he might be done! I hope that's not the case. What should I do? We just finished his first ever dose of antibiotics. Still has a cough and stuffy nose.i

Any advice help is appreciated ladies.

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