Almost 8 month old on a nursing strike or done nursing???

Cara - posted on 12/19/2008 ( 5 moms have responded )




My almost 8 month old has now been on a nursing strike for several days and it's becoming very frustrating. Is he done with me or is this just a phase. He did this before and after it was all said and done it seemed to be related to teething. It could be the same this time but things are a bit different. It started out at our night feeding and has now progressed to all feedings. I have then pumped and he takes it fine from the bottle. I work full time so I have been pumping anyway. He is on solids three times a day and nurses/takes the bottle four times a day. My milk has been decreasing for months and I have had to supplement with formula. Should I just give up? I feel like I could be done but I really wanted to make it to 9 months (just a personal goal, ha). Is this just his way of saying he is they wean themselves from BFing?


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Jaime - posted on 12/20/2008




When my daughter went on a nursing strike, it turned out she had an ear infection.

Beth - posted on 12/19/2008




I think I know what you are going through also. My daughter started a bit earlier, around 7 months with the same thing, she would take just a bit then pull off, arch her back, etc. I thought at the time it was teething pain, since my other daughter now almost 4 got teeth around that time. But it is a month later and no teeth, so in retrospect I think she was on a nursing strike. At that time she was getting some solids twice a day. My supply decreased tremendously and I tried to get it back up to where it had been with no luck...I just couldn't keep up with pumping extra, etc. I am now finally at a point where we are happy, I nurse her in the morning and before going to bed. At three other times a day she gets a bottle of formula. My other daughter weened at 9 months, so I guess I was thinking that I would make it that long with this one too. Good luck with what works for you. Every baby is different. Sorry I couldn't give you a definitive answer, just what I experienced.

Cara - posted on 12/19/2008




Yea, it's the "all of a sudden" that is frustrating. arching the back, just not interested, etc...then the bottle comes within grabbing distance and man he just takes it right in.
Yea, he did a similar started at night he wouldn't nurse but then nursed fine in the morning then a few days later, wouldn't nurse in the morning or at night (still getting the two bottles at daycare) then today we had an ice/snow day and stayed home and he wouldn't nurse at all anytime.
Yea, I thought I was done last time he did this and we waited it out but this time seems a bit different. Last time it was crying etc...which made me think it was discomfort (probably was teething) but this time he will even put his mouth on there and then arch his back like "nope, that's not what I want." I'll give him a few more days and see what happens. Thanks for taking the time to respond. It's nice to hear similar stories. Sorry this is so long...I obviously needed to talk about it, ha. My husband just keeps telling me "don't take it personally." ha.

Michelle - posted on 12/19/2008




Oh my gosh this is EXACTLY what is happening to me right now! My dtr is 9 1/2 months and last night before bed all of a sudden she just refused to nurse and started crying every time I would try! She took a bottle then, and nursed in the morning fine, but has since refused to nurse or take a bottle, or a sippy cup. I finally tried straight out of a cup and she drank a few ounces that way. I, like you, was hoping to be done soon anyway....but not in one day! And the discomfort....ugh. Sorry I obviously don't have any advice for you.....just that it probably will pass if you want to wait it out, but if you were thinking of weaning anyway, it might be best to do it now when he's refusing it. Good luck!

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