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I have been nursing for 3 weeks now and will go back to work part time in November at Hooter's, I know breastfeeding burns calories and I have 15lbs to lose to get back to pre-baby weight but how can even lose part of that if I am constantly STARVING! I eat healthy, whole grains,proteins, lots of veggies and fruits...i drink about 7 bottles of water a day but i feel like I am constantly munching! help me!!!
are there any supplements that are safe to take while nursing? acai berry? anything?!?!?!?!?


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Remember while you breastfeed that you're still "eating for two" so eat at least 2250calories a day. And be sure to continue taking your prenatal vitamins. They'll help with the hunger.

I lost all of my baby weight (27lbs) in two weeks! I DON'T recommend that. For the first two weeks I was so weak I could not even stand long enough to take a shower. I literally had to hop out and sit on the toilet mid-shower because I was lacking in calories and couldnt keep myself up. Breastfeed and be sure to get your calories. Do it healthy of course (1000calories of pizza vs 1000 calories of chicken, veggies, salad, and bread is a huge difference)

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Nursing will make you hungry ALOT!! I know I feel like I eat all the time and still loosing weight.. its because your baby is getting alot of the nutrients you are eating and so you need to eat more( just like when prego) to keep up the demand and the supply for you..


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I know this initial question was posted a few years back but I just came upon it looking for help and assume others will, too.

In my search for help balancing losing 10lbs of baby weight and eating well enough to exclusively breastfeed my daughter I found that your body uses 20 calories to create one ounce of milk (sorry - I'm unable to locate the link to the article that stated it). If that's true, then my body uses at least 480 calories a day to feed my 11 week old daughter. Knowing WHY I may need an extra 500 calories/day is important to my way of thinking and now I just need to make sure that I make nutritious choices for both of us (i.e. I wouldn't let her eat only Sun chips for dinner so neither should I).

Kudos to everyone for breastfeeding - keep it up!

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1 Check out Dr. Hale-he's a breastfeeding pharmacist!! Also, while nursing, your body needs 500-600 extra calories a day! I too am always hungry and I eat really healthy and my baby is almost 4 months old and I'm skinnier now than before I got preggo!! My weight went down really fast!! I encourage you to listen to your body and eat healthy when it tells you you're hungry. Also, try more little meals throughtout the day instead of 3 large ones if you aren't already! That might help with the munch factor. But it's normal to be so hungry! I eat more than when I was preggo but I'm not gaining anything b/c I'm nursing-it's wonderful-and you should see me eat...=0)

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I find eating crunchy foods more satisfying to the major hunger. We keep baby carrotts and celery cut into sticks in handy snack bags in the fridge. Personally my daughter is 6 months and I am not back to pre-PG weight but oh well, some day right? LOL

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I feel like i eat more now then when i was prego. my son is 6 1/2 and im still always hungry no mater what i eat.

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I noticed I was constantly hungry for probably the first month of breastfeeding, but it seems to have tapered off since then, so it may just be that your body needs to adjust. Also if you're only 3 weeks out I wouldn't worry yet about not losing weight- that will come with time! Its possible you could hold on to a couple extra lbs for reserves- personally I've hovered around 4 lbs or so above my pre-preggo weight and I'm 4 months out, I expect it to stay like that until I'm done breastfeeding. Though its true too some of your weight could be in your boobs. Mine are annoyingly large. The best thing you can do it sounds like you're already doing- eat enough to sustain milkproductio but make sure they're "healthy" calories.

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you're hungry because you need more calories to make enough good quality milk, if you dont eat well when BFing your body will suffer. I'm the same, always starving. You need to give your body time, it took you 9 months to gain that weight so it wouldnt be healthy to lose it in 3 weeks. Some people hold onto a few extra lbs because the hormone that makes you lactate is stored in fat cells, its why we put on an extra layer in pregnancy. I just got back to my pre pregnancy weight recently and Aaron is 18 weeks now, and it takes some people until they stop BFing to lose the last few lbs. Give yourself some time, it will come off eventually. To help it along make sure your snacks are healthy but dont cut anything out of your diet, esp not fat (if you cut fat totally your body will hang onto what you have to allow you to lactate). I wouldnt think supplements would be safe when BFing, but thats something you will have to ask your doctor. good luck :) and dont forget, your breasts will be heavier when BFing than normally so a couple of lbs of that may be the extra weight of your breasts!

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