am i weaning right?

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My daughter Just turned one so now I've decided I want to be done with breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong I loved it, its a great bonding thing and I lovedthat it was only something I could give her. However I'm ready to have my body be mine again. She also figured out she can walk over pull my shirt down Ans pretty much help herself. So please no, why stop, keep going..... I want to be done.
We started yesterday. She nursed in the morning then before her morning nap and then not again til bed. Today we are Just doing wake up nursing and bed. She doesn't like the whole milk. She'll drink from her sippycup but once she gets it in her mouth She spits it out. She'll drink water Just fine. I try and give her food tokeep her full. But I don't know how to get her to drink milk. I wont do juice( too much sugar ). Any help will be greatly appreciated. But again please don't tell me to keep nursing or to pump.


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I weaned my son at 13 months, and he was down to the same feedings as your daughter. I would give up one feeding, and do that for a few days, then give up another, and so on. I found it helped to warm up the cow's milk a little bit for the first few weeks.


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Actually, there are certain fats and proteins that are found in animal milks (including our human milk) that is not found in soy, almond, oat, rice, etc milks. Drinking milk by children isn't just about getting calcium! It is actually not recommended to substitute human milk or formula for any of the above before the child is 2-5yrs old (depending on the milk, eg. soy from 2, while the others from min 5yo).

Given that milk is a "whole" food group for a child, these other milks are not because they lack many of the requied fats and proteins (including the right type of amino acids).

I know that coconut milk is pretty good though, but I am uncertain of your ability to substitute this milk for your own or formula.

Also, know that soy mimics the hormone estrogen when it hits our bodies, therefore, it is not a good choice as a milk (for anybody, but especially for boys/men) because of this.

I would recommend visiting with a nutritionist in regards to this matter if your child is not willing to switch, at any cost, to either cows or goat milks (goats is preferrable as it is soooooo much more similar to human milk).

Just thought I should point this out, given the advice provided above.

ETA: Have you thought about may be trying her on Toddler formula??? She may take to that, and while its not the cheapest option in comparison to cow milk, it will give you a piece of mind in her getting the right type of nutrients out of it.

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And, to add on to what Celeste said about milk not being an issue... there are other types of milk you can offer. Goat milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, flax milk, coconut milk. Most can be found in a regular grocery store. You may find your LO prefers the taste of one of these other milks.

Even if she never takes to any type of milk, she can get her calcium from cheese and yogurt, or from spinach, or fortified cereals or enriched breads.

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