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Anna - posted on 04/05/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




So, I am am 10 wks pregnant and still nursing my daughter. My 12 month old is very small, 4th percentile. She hasn't gained much weight since her 6 month checkup so her doctor is concerned that she isn't getting enough fat/calories from my breast milk and so I need to stop nursing completely and immediately. I was small as a baby, so were my sisters and all my nieces, but my doctor has stressed that it is her lack of weight gain, not just that she is small that is a problem. My doctor claims that my body is devoting all it's extra calories to supporting my pregnancy, and so my breast milk is suffering. She is suggesting that even though my daughter is filling up on my milk, it's probably low calorie milk, so her belly feels full on 'empty' milk and consequently she doesn't drink enough of the high fat cows milk and high fat table food that she needs to be growing. I have never heard this before. Have any of you heard anything about this or experienced this with your own children? I want to do what's best for her but I really don't want to wean my daughter. She's just not ready, and we both like it so much.


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Emily - posted on 04/05/2011




Frankly, your doctor is full of crap. #1, most breastfed babies' weight gain slows down after 6 months. This is normal, and if your doctor doesn't know that, it just shows how little he actually knows about breastfed babies. #2, breastmilk has more calories ounce per ounce than most solid foods, so abruptly weaning would not help the situation! You can't force a child to eat more than they need. You and your baby are doing fine. #3, your breastmilk is NOT suffering due to your pregnancy. Even if it was, your daughter would then be eating more solids to make up for it.

Bottom line, don't wean. And find a new doctor!! lol. Seriously. I had to go through several pediatricians to find one that actually knew something accurate about breastfeeding.

Ania - posted on 04/05/2011




Your body would suffer not your breastmilk. milk will provide all the nutrients but your body will be deprived and obviously your doctor doesn't know that. It's scary how little knowledge they have. Eat a lot!!!! and drink plenty!!!Plus if your baby is fine and happy don't worry that she is small

Elizabeth - posted on 04/05/2011




I'm sorry, but I cannot believe the amount of women posting about this very same topic would think that doctors would be more pro breastfeeding. There are tons of women whom do the whole tandum breastfeeding ...and breastfeed while pregnant.

It just seems so foreign to me that a doctor not suggest you do something like add a couple of cows milk feedings and cut back a feeding or two of breastmilk. It seems this would be so much more beneficial to you and babies.

My own mother breastfed my 2 younger sisters at the same time. When you breastfeed through your pregnancy you don't go through the whole engorging phase which is so painful and inconvenient once the baby is born. Your milk changes to support both children.

For your sake and the sake of your plans to continue breastfeeding..I hope you make the executive decision to continue what you enjoy and ignore your doctor....they don't know everything

Lise - posted on 04/05/2011




Your milk shouldn't lose calories. Many pregnant moms lose their milk, but the milk itself doesn't change... I think your doctor is wrong, personally, and wouldn't change what you're doing. Good luck!

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