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Dawna - posted on 08/20/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My toddler (18mo) is frustrating me at the moment... I totally understand toddlers are squirmy but it is getting exhausting. I can barely put my boobs away. hahaha She is on me non-stop but will only nurse a couple sucks then run off comeback a few seconds later and get back on couple sucks.... etc. Anyone have advice on keeping her in place or getting her off my boob for oh, 15min? (Honesly, I just need to vent. She is also being very clingy and she used to play in her bedroom on her own for 1/2hr to an hr.... I have no idea what is going on with her.) I have been having thoughts of weaning her but they are only threats.. I love bf'ing her.... she is awesome but exhausting. Hey if you do have advice I could use some....


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No advice here, but I thought I share anyway. My almost two year old can sometimes still be like that, although she is thankfully getting much better these days! I love breastfeeding my LO as well, but man can she drive me insane at times!!! Trying to peel the potatos: boobie? boobie? BOOBIE!!! This nice little habit has mainly been replaced by 'Nina helpy you', which at least means I get stuff done albeit in a really slow and kind of messy way (washing dishes comes with a change of clothes every day...). Anyway - I guess hang in there? Oh, and if I get frustrated she even wants it more, so beware! Good luck to you and your boobie-monster!

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