Any advice for having a babysitter for the 1st time at 6 months old?

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My son will be 6 months old on Thanksgiving. We have been EBF and co-sleeping since day 1. I started pumping last week with the hope that he will take a bottle of my expressed milk from a babysitter (my cousin) so my husband and I will be able to go out to dinner for his birthday on the 28th. We are also introducing him to solids (homemade purees with bm mixed in) this week. He won't sleep very long unless he is next to me or my husband (in bed or in our arms) I haven't been away from him for more than an hour ever, so I am nervous about leaving him for too long. My husband really wants to go out for his birthday, just the two of us, but has mentioned that he doesn't think it is going to happen. I really want to make this happen for him, especially because we just lost his younger brother in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and they had the same bday. Has anyone been in this situation and had success with a babysitter? Any tips? It would be great to be able to go to dinner and see a movie, but I am afraid he will freak out if I am gone that long. Please help!


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I would start small. Though I don't know that you have much time for that. Since you've only left him for 1 hour at a time, and I'm guessing that means you've not had anyone else put him down, either for nap or for bed time... don't press your luck and try for all of those at once.

Maybe try to go to an early dinner with your hubby, and make it home in time for baby's bed time. You can leave the bottle of expressed milk with the sitter in case he gets hungry while you're gone. Depending on you're baby's nap schedule you can probably be able to plan to be out the last 3 hours of baby's day. That gives you and hubby plenty of time for a leisurely dinner and possibly one other small stop. I wouldn't push it for dinner and a movie on your first time out. If dinner out goes well, then you can try for another date another day. Try having someone put your baby down for nap time, before you try to have someone else put him down for bed time.

I understand you're husbands desire for a night out, and both your reasons are good reasons. But - becoming a parent changes all the rules. And life just isn't the same afterwards. And I wouldn't change it for the world. But I have put both my kids to bed every night since they were born. I figure after the youngest one is weaned I can consider having someone else put her to bed one night while I go out. Until then, I keep my outings to day time outings. Not everyone agrees with my choice - and I haven't been "out" at night in 4 1/2 years. By the time I weaned my first, I was pregnant with my 2nd. My 2nd is now 2 years old and she still nurses to sleep. My husband and I get the occasional chance to go out to lunch together, and have gone to movies together too. We don't have family close by, so we have to ask a friend or hire a babysitter. But even if there was family near by - I won't leave at bed time. That's MY time with my girls until they are older.

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