Any advice for sucessful breast feeding this time??

Emma - posted on 04/24/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I breast fed my son for 6weeks(now nearly 5),but then gave up as I was only 19 & wanted my body back to myself! I only fed my daughter (now nearly 2),for the first 24hours as she was 9lb 2oz & gave me sores within first day and wasn't satisfied at all, so I gave her a bottle so the hospital would let me home! I was very disapointed and regret this discision, but had no support from hospital staff!! I am now expecting my third baby Due May 22nd and plan to breast feed, but worried it won't happen again, or baby might be big also, do u think its harder with a bigger baby? Are all baby's different and do some just not take to it??? please help!!!


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Sophia - posted on 04/25/2009




if you have any pain or issues with breastfeeding, work with a lactation consultant. i wanted so badly to give up for the 1st 2 mths, and it's just now in the last 2 wks that the issues have been worked out...and I actually LOOK FORWARD to bfing my baby!!

Rachel - posted on 04/25/2009




The best advice I can give you is to learn all you can about breastfeeding before the baby is born so you'll know what you can expect and can filter out the tons of really bad advice people (including peds and nurses!) will give you. There are lots of good websites out there ( was very helpful to me) and support groups--best thing you can do is find your local La Leche League chapter and start going to meetings now--the women there will help you get ready and certainly will help you once the baby comes! Once the baby is born, see a lactation consultant--she'll be able to help you learn correct holds and latches, which will help minimize the discomfort as you and baby learn how to nurse :) It doesn't always just "come naturally!" Like many things, nursing also has a learning curve and can take a little time :)

And, too, each baby is different so try not to stress--this time around your babe may give you an easier time of it :)

User - posted on 04/25/2009




My first baby was 9lb 9oz and he fed and fed and fed all night the first night and yes my nipples hurt but as all the other post here say STICK with it!! My second baby was 10lb 4oz and she did the same but worse!! she was bigger and needed more filling up. Yes there's pain at the start...doesn't always mean cracked nipples..get some Lanolin and put that on after every feed..TOTALLY worth it! If your still in the hospital get one of the nurses to take your baby for a while just to give them a rest and you a'll probably be needing it by then!!

Breastfeeding is hard work at the start and tiring but once your milk comes in and settles down you'll be patting yourself on the back and thanking yourself for sticking with it! I believe you can do it this time!!!

Janice - posted on 04/25/2009




it's quite normal to get sore nipples from breastfeeding newborns, but one of the best advice i ever got was to STICK TO IT! although it seems like the pain is unbearable and the cracked nipples will never be the same again, IT WILL GET BETTER. some babies just need a bit of time to get into the rhythm of sucking from a breast. make sure you get a lactation consultant (or at least a nurse) to show you how to latch on baby properly before you leave the hospital. if they don't offer help, ask for it! it's their job!!

all babies are different and will need to feed on different schedules. while some hospitals (and expert books) will tell you that you should only feed your baby every 3-4 hours, if you want to breastfeed then FEEDING ON CUE is the best way to go until you get to know your baby and their needs. for me, this meant feeding every 1.5/2 hours sometimes (but mostly every 3). i don't think size has anything to do with it (mine was just over 6 lbs. at birth). some babies just need to feed more often than others.

the more you nurse, the more milk your body will produce. while it's tempting to supplement with formula, this will just ultimately help to decrease your milk supply and shorten the time you can breastfeed your baby. breastfeeding is created by nature therefore you have all you need to feed your baby! you don't see many animals supplementing or bottle feeding their babies do you....

trust me, the pain & frustration of breastfeeding will eventually fade and once you both get into the rhythm of it, you will love the time you get to spend cuddling your little one while watching the look of absolute satisfaction on his face as he nurses off you! best of luck to you!!

Rachel - posted on 04/24/2009




breastfeeding will help take off pregnacy weight. my daughter was 8lbs 11oz at birth and was 16 lbs by 5 months. Set up help in advance through La Leche League thru WIC, they should help you with getting the baby to latch correctly. Sores the first few weeks are to be expected, your nipples are going from wet to dry to wet every few hours, get some lanolin from your local maternity store or possibly the hospital and put it on after every time you nurse, it will help with the cracking issue, read the label but most brands say you can nurse without cleaning it off. Your milk supply may take a day or so to come in, it is the constant latching on that will stimulate your supply and your body will produce enough to feed your baby but you have to be persistant and give your body time to do its job! Just remember that it gets easier and make a commitment to doing it this time, you may need to tell the hospital not to give your baby a bottle. you can do it!!!!

Emily - posted on 04/24/2009




If you really want to do it you need to dig your heals in and stay focused. You need to be willing to tolerate pain, willing to let the baby nurse for as long as he/she needs to so that your body will produce enough milk, willing to fight the urge to supplement with formula, willing to ignore anyone who is telling you it is okay to supplement or that it won't work. If I was able to nurse twins (now 10.5 mo and still nursing) your body can produce enough for a big baby. If the baby isn't satisfied just put them back at the breast as much as you need to to satisfy the. It's all about supply and demand...Oh and you need to be willing to feed on demand at least in the beginning to get your supply up. I found nursing to be very hard! Well worth is the best thing I've ever done in my life! Not all people find it hard...I just wasn't one of them. Good luck!

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