any body got any good potty training ideas


Megan - posted on 04/17/2009




My husband thought I was crazy the first time I did this but it worked... I let my son run around naked in the evenings and brought the potty chair into the room where he was playing. He did great. There was a period when he resisted some so we took about a week long break and then hit it hard. He was fully potty-trained in about 2 months. Just remember, be patient and don't force.


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Rachelle - posted on 04/18/2009




I read "What to Expect In the Toddler Years" and they had some ideas for potty training. My step son was 3 and it took 3 days and he has NEVER wet teh bed or had an accident since, he is 8 now!

We stayed home, got the potty ready with stool and seat, and then he wore only a shirt all day long. This gave him 1 option since diapers were gone. He did awesome.

Then we bought underwear that he picked out.

He was also old enough to have motivation to potty train...he wanted to go to preschool which requires your child to be potty trained.

Never force it on them, they are ready when they are ready. It's no worth fighting about!

Good luck!

Jodie - posted on 04/18/2009




I have potty trained 3 kids, 2 girls then a boy, they all potty trained at different times. I agree with dont force the issue worst thing you can do. I have always had a potty around since they were bout 8 months old and everytime I would go to the bathroom I took my kids with me and give them a book to read while they sat on the potty. Then we moved into getting serious and you have to stay consistant I take them to the potty sometimes every 15 minutes. If they went potty they got high fives and all kinds of praise and I would give them a little reward everytime for a while and if they had accidents you dont really want to punish them that will push them away from potty training. During the night I started with wakin them up every 2 hours and went from there once they had no accidents extend the time and extend until its done. For aim with boys you can use cherrios or any circular cereal in the toilet they like. I can say my girls where easy and not as stongwilled or controlling like my son the most difficult and longest one the girls it felt like over night and my son it seems like years but not. Some children who are later on potty training like boys its more of a control issue than a potty training issue thats the last thing they have to control you.

Lisa - posted on 04/17/2009




In my experience of getting 3 kids out diapers, the least stressful for the parent and child is to introduce the potty, have it available, but don't force the issue. (It just makes already strong willed toddlers want to do just the opposite.) I tried forcing my 1st child (a boy) into potty training and it was the worst experience for both of us. The next two kids (girls) potty trained themselves with some encouragement. Maybe its the gender difference, but it is so much less stressful when you let them be the ones to decide when to use the potty.

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