Any good tips for breastfeeding my second child, after the first one wouldnt latch on?


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You sound like you already know skin to skin, nursing as soon as possible after birth, etc. Keep offering the breast very frequently during the newborn stage. Baby's tummy is super small and needs frequent feeds and newborns are sleepy so sometimes they doze off only to wake up shortly and want to eat again. If you have similar issues (and I hope you don't!) and baby needs to be supplemented with pumped milk or formula don't use a bottle. Bottles are so easy to get the milk out of that once babies get used to them they don't want to work at getting the milk out of the breast. Instead give supplementation with a medicine dropper. Avoid bottles and pacifiers until breastfeeding is well established. As a last resort you could try a nipple shield. I say last resort because sometimes they can hinder supply and you have to wean baby from them which takes some work. I used a shield in the beginning with my first because of my nipple shape. I didn't have supply issues (in fact I had oversupply and because she couldn't drain the breast as well with the shield I got multiple clogged ducts), but weaning her off of the shield was a pain. Here's a great video about latching on. I hope some of this helps you! Good luck!!

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my first daughter was born two months early and spent six weeks in the NICU. We were not about to get that bond right away and she eventually just would latch on. So i pumped the first three months till I dried up. so she was given formula. Expecting my second in august and would like to try again. I know the basics, but would like some tips from super breast feeding mommas! Thanks in advance.

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