Anyone ever breastfed a baby with a possible dairy and soy intolerance?

Lindsay - posted on 11/17/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 3 month old baby boy, who 5 days ago began to have diarrhea and I notice bloody mucus in his stool. I took him to the dr the next day, after discovering this, and the dr. suspects he is intolerant to dairy and soy. I immediately cut out all dairy and soy products out of my diet and now, 4 days later, my baby seems to be doing worse! Does anyone know how long it should take for the dairy and soy to get out of my system and his? I am really starting to worry that it is something more serious because yesterday he had a bloody stool just about a quarter size amount of blood. I really do not want to stop breastfeeding but I'm worried I'm going to do more damage than good! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Aleks - posted on 11/19/2011




Yes, like the ladies above said - can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks for he dairy protiens tp leave the system.

And be aware of all the things that are in processed food (store bought in a packet) READ ALL LABELS CAREFULLY as many a time dairy and/or soy will be present, including in things like bread, chips/crisps, spices (like "chicken salt" etc). Many asian sauces will have soy present in them.

Both my kids had dairy protein intollerance. Both had mucousy and bloody stools. Just keep up with the breastfeeding and avoid these two products as much and as diligently as you can. Good news is that you seem to have a smart doctor. When I took my son regarding the blood in his poo the doc didn't think much of it, even though I told him this was happening for a couple of months now (off and on, not everyday but ever second or third). He told me to come back in a few weeks if it doesn't settle. I did, then he gave me a referal to see a pediatritian whom I had to wait a few months to see. She then told me to wait and see for a month and come back if no improvement. My son was over 7mths old by the time the diagnosis came that he had dairy protein intollerance. When my daughter presented with bloody stools I already knew what i had to do (and her stools were a lot more blood tainted than my son's were - and yet, when I was seeing a pediatritian for her the pedi refused to believe that her bloody stools were related to dairy intollerance, even though she improved hugely once all dairy eliminated from my system). So be happy that you got a good doctor :-)

Keep up the good work. And if after 2-4 weeks you see no improvement go back to the doctor and keep working on it :-)

Good luck.

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It can take 2-4 weeks. Did you let the doctor know about the diaper with just blood? Look up hidden dairy ingredients as well. Sometimes they are not as obvious. Here's some info:

Regular formula would not be an option since they are made with dairy or soy. I would work very closely with your child's doctor to get this figured out and keep nursing. If milk and soy doesn't work, I think wheat/gluten is the next thing that is recommended to try cutting.

Emma - posted on 11/17/2011




It took about two weeks for me to see a real difference in my daughter after I stopped all dairy and soy. I was very vigilant about reading labels on anything I bought at the store and after a few weeks the diarrhea, mucus and army green stools started to clear up completely.

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