Anyone exclusively pumping and/or freezing?

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I just wondered how other moms do it, if they do do it...
I've been exclusively pumping since my daughter was born. I've been freezing milk, too. A lot of it! Well, I just wondered if anybody else did this.


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Jennifer-I've pumped since she was born. She was very, erm, enthusiastic about nursing and I had a lot of trouble keeping her latched. Evidently my milk didn't flow fast enough for her! In the hospital, we gave her formula when it hurt too bad to nurse. Although the hospital's lactation consultants tried to help, we just couldn't make it work. I thought that pumping exclusively would solve the problem, and it did. It was rather difficult, though. My daughter is now 8-1/2 months old. I'm aiming for one year. I have stored about three months worth of milk, which I'm going to use after the one year mark to wean her to cow milk. At first, I was pumping several times a day, and I was averaging ten ounces at a time. Now, I'm only pumping three times a day and I'm getting about twelve ounces at a time. The baby drinks most of it, but I usually get to store 6 oz a day. I think that I have it easier than other pumping moms. I spoke with one lady who said she tried pumping and was only able to express one ounce after thirty minutes!
Thanks for the reply!

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Thanks, Lise--I'm reading that site you linked. And yes, it is really hard to pump all the time. The first few months were absolutely awful: pumping then feeding then sleeping for forty minutes, rinse, and repeat! But I got through it!

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Oh, and by the way - I think moms who pump exclusively are supermoms! It's HARD.

Jennifer - posted on 10/15/2010




i exclusively pump for my 11 month old. my plan is to pump AT LEAST until his first birthday. it is definitely something i will NEVER do again lol. my husband and i have a joke that our future children will either take the boob, or they will not eat at all because pumping is so ridiculously time consuming!

i guess exclusive pumping is becoming more popular in the united states because so many women have trouble with getting baby to latch on. while i'm glad that they would rather pump than formula feed, the lack of breastfeeding knowledge and support is very sad. in the months since my decision to exclusively pump, i have read everything there is to read about breastfeeding and i've watched countless videos on proper latch and different positions. while i wish i had done all this research before having our son, i am fully confident that when we have more children i will be able to nurse them for at least the minimum recommendation of 2 years (but hopefully longer).

how old is your little one, and what is your pumping goal?

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