Anyone having issues with nipple confusion?

Jillian - posted on 01/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have three month old and I have been having a hard time nursing her the past few weeks. I go back to work in the beginning of February. I am afraid she has nipple confusion. I bottlefeed and nurse her. I have a three year old at home as well so it isn't always convenient to nurse when I am trying to accomodate both kids. I am afraid she will reject breast altogether. Is there a special bottle or technique that can help out? I try to put her to the breast as much as possible. I do give her bottleore than I like. I want to get her back to breast as much as possible. Anyone know of any lactation consultants in nyc?


Celeste - posted on 01/10/2013




Ditto Lori. I have twins and another child. We dealt with nipple confusion but it was when they were newborns. I didn't have to go back to work, and after I got both latching, I didn't use any bottles.

However, since you have to go a back to work, I'd make sure to use a slow flow nipple and not overfeed from the bottle .

Lori - posted on 01/10/2013




The only suggestion I have is to not make the bottle an option when you are with her. If you're there, breastfeed. If someone else has to feed her, then she gets a bottle. I know it's not always convenient when you have an older one to consider as well. Mine are 2 1/2 years apart. And the baby got interrupted while nursing plenty of times. The older one also learned that sometimes she just had to wait for what she wanted/needed. One thing that did help was getting the older one a drink or snack just before sitting down to nurse the baby. I got very good at holding the baby one handed while nursing and doing things with the older one with my other hand. Takes practice though.


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