Anyone heard of Fenugreek??

Erinn - posted on 04/04/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




I was just curious if anyone has heard of Fenugreek?? I've been having a tough time producing very much milk for my daughter and heard of Fenugreek, but don't know much about it..... where can you purchase it, how much does it cost and how well known is it really?? Has anyone used it and if so, did you have very much success?? I really need some feedback on this, I need to produce more milk!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Samantha - posted on 04/05/2009




I had to take it after I was diagnosed with Mastitis. I had a serious drop in my milk supply. My lactation consultant told me to take 3 pills 3 times a day. You can pick it up at any health food store (like GNC) and its under $10. I only had to take it for about a week.


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Bilhah - posted on 04/23/2017




The very best way to boost milk supply is letting your baby suckle as often and as long as s/he wants. No pump on earth can best a suckling babe.

Oatmeal (not the instant or quick varieties) and a tea boosting supplement healthy nursing tea. I had great support with these two things and continuous nursing.

Anne - posted on 04/07/2009




Yes, I am using it currently as my daughter (who has severe reflux) refused to feed on the left for a couple of weeks.  The supply went right down which made her want to feed even less.  I pumped a lot and took the fenugreek.  The supply is now right back up and I think it has made a huge difference!  She is now feeding happily on that side too.  I encourage you to take it if you are worried about your supply!

Tanya - posted on 04/06/2009




I used Fenugreek in capsule form when nursing both my son and daughter.  I found that around 6 months (when solids were introduced and nursing decreased) my supply decreased significatnly.  Fenugreek seemed to help increase my supply, so that I didn't need to supplement with formula.  I bought it at Zehrs in the vitamin/herbal supplement department for $7.99 for 60 capsules/500mg.  You are supposed to take 2-3 capsules with food 3 times a day.  I am still using it with my 9 month old daughter, and it is definitely helping.

Cappi - posted on 04/06/2009




If you like beer, I drand one per day and my milk production increased within 2 days. My grandmother told me to do this and it worked. I had checked into Fenugreek but the beer worked for me so I never had to resort to finding and purchasing it.

Nazevyanga - posted on 04/05/2009




Fenugreek worked extremely well for....I was just leaking within a couple hours of taking it, so I used to take it every three days, but I stopped by the time DD was 3 mos old...good stuff

Rachel - posted on 04/04/2009




Fenugreek alone didn't do much for me but when combined with both blessed thistle and old-fashioned oatmeal, it made a nice boost in my supply (I needed the boost for pumping--I'm a horrible pump-producer).

How old is your daughter? If she's going through a growth spurt, she'll act like she isn't satisfied and want to nurse nurse nurse--its nature's way of gearing your body up for the next stage of your breastfeeding relationship :) Best thing to do is let her suckle as much and as long as she wants and once the spurt passes things will go back to "normal."

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I take fenugreek.  I got a bottle of 200 from GNU for like $10.  I did not notice a difference in my supply (even taking 6 a day) until I combined it with goat's rue.  I now take two a day of each to keep my supply up, and it works wonders.  The goat'e rue was much more expensive (about $45), but a lot of people I know had success with fenugreek alone.  The tea worked for me as well, but I just could not stomach it.  To me is tastes like licorice.  (And much more expensive than fenugreek).  By the way, fenugreek makes you smell like maple syrup after about a week or so. 

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Fenugreek is great for all kinds of things but as I'm slightly anemic I've been advised not to use it as it makes your blood sugar level drop real fast. Mother's Love More Milk Plus is great though and works within hours. But be advised, if you think you could be or get pregnant do not use it because it has goat's rue, which was used in the olden times to miscarry.

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Fenugreek is great- More Milk Plus is even better. You can buy both at Whole Foods or a natural foods store. Just a note- you need to take more fenugreek than they indicate on the bottle. I took 3 pills 4 times a day.

Check out for some more tips.

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yeah there is a website called mumstuff that sells teabags to help wih milk (that mainly has fenugreek in it) but it's expensive, can i just say although i' not sure of your circumstance, i also had a few moments breastfeeding my daughter where didn't believe i was making enough and she was howling for more and i had nothing, and someone said to me if you put them on your boob still or even just let them suckle after feeds for as long as they want, that it will send a message to your body to make more milk, may take a day or so to catch up tho, anyway i've done this ever since and my body has always now been able to up my milk production at the same rate as she needs more,just a suggestion hope that makes sense ? although i do have a cup of special tea everynow and again as well, mainly just to help in case !

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My pedi recommended fenugreek to me as well as mother's milk tea. I saw noticable increase in 4 days. It really worked well. I stopped using it after 2 weeks. It can be found at GNC or a health food store. It's an herb, there is nothing harmful in it. If I remember correctly I think you are suppose to take 2 capules w/ every meal. I would check w/ your pedi just to make sure. But as also suggest in a previous post, nurse more and even pump after you nurse this will help you produce more milk. Good Luck.

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My biggest piece of advice, nurse more. Such as cluster nursing in the evening.... nursing every hour for 4-5 hours to help build up your supply. Ensure good water intake and good caloric intake. Sleep is vital too.

I have used Mother's Milk tea which contains Fenugreek and did help. I had to drink at least 3 glasses in the day for a few days. You can get it in capsule form from health stores.

Here is a link too:

Best wishes!

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