Anyone know any laws or precedence in VA about custody with a child under a year old who is excusively breastfed?

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Does anyone know of any laws or precedence in Virginia regarding child custody where the child is an infant, my daughter is almost 6 months, also where the child is excusively breastfed, with occasional bottles. My daughter is also a preemie, born 6 weeks early, & because of that, wasnt able to latch on until she was 6 weeks old. I pump (not very productively) twice a day to freeze for back up and to use for her rice cereal and oatmeal. My daughters father and i have not been together since i found out i was pregnant. He is taking me to court for joint custody and he is saying that my daughter does not need to nurse, that i should excusively pump so that he can have her at his house for the entire weekend. Obviously im concerned that there is a chance of him being granted full weekends, as it could cause her to eventually not be able to nurse anymore. So im just wondering if anyone has any expierience or situational advice to help me stand my ground and defend my right to breastfeed MY child.


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If he hasn't been involved since her birth... it is highly unlikely that he'll be granted overnight visits under a year. I can't tell you anything about the laws where you are though, so it's too hard for me to guess what your judge might do. Get a GOOD lawyer that supports your child's right to be breastfed.

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