Anyone with a hernia after pregnancy?

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Has anyone else developed a hernia after pregnancy? My doctor noticed I had a small hernia after pregnancy in my stomach after my first son was born, but it was not a concern. Then during my second pregnancy, I felt like my stomach was ripping open. After delivering, I visited the doctor again to find my hernia was now very large and needed to be fixed. I had to have a small mesh sewed/ stapled in my stomach to help it close the hole where the hernia was. Even several months later, my stomach is still sore to the touch. I've never heard of this before being a side affect of pregnancy. Which through all this has been hard breastfeeding my baby since he lays on my stomach while feeding. Has anyone else had a hernia after pregnancy and will I eventually feel normal again?!


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I developed a hernia during my second pregnancy and I haven't fixed it yet., it is a size of a tennis ball, I'm done having kids but my husband wants us to try for a boy the third time. Is it life threatening having another one, when you have a hernia. I heard it a particular belt can help and the doctors monitor it, and you need to wait a few years before having another baby.I'm confused because where I came from the doctors in Europe say that you die of hernia if you have another baby, causing you a pericardit of the muscles of the belly button. Please if there is a doctor please answer my question. I know we all will die one day but not because of it. Thank you. Vilma Heqimi

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Are you sure it is a hernia and not Diastasis recti? I was initially told I had a hernia and then later was told it is actually diastasis recti.
The DR is where your stomach muscles do not go back together.. they got so stretched out during pregnancy as did this sort of "wall" behind the muscles" that everything is weak and not being held together. And because of that your organs aren't necessarily being held back tightly. So you always look a few months pregnant and occasionally your organs can come out and get pinched between the two muscles. Anyway definitely google it and see if it sounds like what you may be experiencing. There are exercises specifically made to help close this gap. There is also a sort of belly band you can buy that helps push everything back together. I only started the exercises and got the band shortly before getting pregnant so I haven't been able to personally find out if they help or not but people say they help. For me, I plan to get surgery to bring the muscles back together. After this things will go back to normal. As for your hernia if it is a hernia then you should talk to your doctor about what you an do to fix it.

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Yes I have experienced a hernia after pregnancy - my first pregnancy blessed me with pretty severe diastasis rectii, which all sources have said will require surgery to fix when I'm done having children. It also gave me a small umbilical hernia.

This second pregnancy made both pre-existing conditions worse, and gave me a hernia above my belly button as well. I haven't had any repair surgeries yet because I'm not done having children (I think...). I'm sorry you're having pain! Is your hernia an umbilical one? I have one friend who had that surgery. She said it was worse than a c-section pain-wise. Now, however, a year out, she's much better.

A great place to ask people about their experiences with hernias after pregnancy or hernias in general (what the medical community sadly often refers to as "plastic" surgery) is:

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I also have a hernia after my the birth of my first child it is very very painfull.So the time they wanted to fix it i could not go was getting married then another appointment then i fell pregnant,so i still sit with the hernia some days i dont feel it but other days it is extremely sore so now i am just waiting for my next appointment.Hope your get well soon.

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my mother had one after i was born. mind you that was 26 years ago, but she nenver knew what it was. it was right in her bellybutton, and she just firgured it would go away. it never did, and it ended up growing after 21 years. she had it removed and tested, and it became a cancerous tumor that grew inside her hernia. messed up stuff. anyway she was still sore from it for nearly half a year. its just because we always have things touching there, and we use those muscles for everything. it will get better.

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