At my dd 1 yr appt (today) her doctor says to cut back how many times I nurse her a day and give more solids....I'm hesitant on solids I feel like Im not confident about what to give her.

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I just recently got my dd out of our family bed and into her own crib in her own room. I have always nursed her to sleep and if she wakes up I just latch her back on. The day she turned 12 months we changed that. if she wakes up when in putting her in the crib I kiss and hug her and tell her it's night night time give her the blanket sit in the middle of her room where she can see me face the door and she cries for literally a minute and lays down and goes to sleep. Its been working great! I love the ammount of sleep im getting and my DH amd i finally have our bed back?woopwoop! Lol She uses to wake up constantly throughout the night but now it's 2-3(at the most) during the night. Then about 4-5 times during the day.

Do I really need to cut back? She is 90% for weight and that's mainly just bm. Solids every now and then throught the day but not much at all. She is happy so I don't see why I should cut back I really just want to follow her lead if she wants to eat more solids and less bm I would be fine with that but she wants me as of right now. I'm planning on nursing until she weans herself btw.

I think maybe the reason she doesn't eat a lot of solids thought the day is because of me but I just feel like I don't know what I'm doing when it come to solids. I don't know what to give her when and how often ect. It's out of my comfort zone. I know it sounds silly but it's true. I'm completely open to hearing an opinions or advise anyone may have on the subject thank you so much for taking your time to read this :)


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First off I don't think you need to cut back feeding breast milk. It's very nutritious for babies and toddlers.

However, since you mention you're not sure what to feed her when it comes to solids:

At the age of 1 (12 months) I wouldn't push her to eat anything, but I would offer her all kinds of foods. Offer her bites of whatever you're eating at each one of your meals. Offer fresh fruits or vegetables as snacks between meals. Cut up large pieces for her so she doesn't choke, but she should be able to handle chewing a small piece of chicken, or should be able to take bites off a whole strawberry etc. Hard foods like carrots should probably still be cooked till tender for her.

My 16 month old is offered 3 meals a day plus snacks. Now that doesn't mean she eats 3 solid meals per day plus snacks, but they're there if she wants it. I still breastfeed her: first thing in the morning, before nap time, once more in the afternoon, just before bed time, and then however often she wakes up at night (usually 2x). So that's about 6 times per day. Many times she'll just take one or two bites of whatever food I'm offering her, but then sometimes she'll surprise me and just eat and eat and eat. For example tonight for dinner we had chicken tacos. I put on a plate for her chicken, cheese, avocado, and pieces of the tortilla. She played with the cheese, but ate a whole bunch of chicken and avocado, and made a mess of the tortilla.

If you want more ideas about feeding solid foods to your LO try googling "baby led weaning", or "baby led feeding".

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My daughter wasn't keen on solids for a VERY long time, yet was totally off the chart weight-wise, so clearly breastfeeding nourished her well. I'm sure, yours will start enjoying food in her own good time.

I remember how stressed I was at the time. And I totally understand about this being out of your comfort zone, I found this difficult for a long time, too, probably BECAUSE my daughter didn't take to solids and it made me feel really insecure, if I was doing things right. It just seemed like such a challenge. Next time around I will be much more relaxed about it and just offer some of our food when we are eating it (only what's appropriate that is).

BTW: my daughter, at 2.5 years old, still happily nurses at least 4 times a day (it would be much more if I'd let her). We've night-weaned not so long ago, before that she'd wake 3 - 4 times a night. So really, I think your LO is doing just fine.

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I'm sorry but your dr is wrong. You don't have to cut back on anything, just know that she may want to nurse some at night too. Some babies are just not into solids and it is fine. My son was super into solids on the other hand but still nursed just like your daughter. Try to do 3 meals or snack of solids a day. Try stuff out and see what she likes. There is no point into forcing your baby to do anything. I usually did breakfeast lunch before or after a nap and dinner at least an hour before bedtime - something small.

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I think you are doing the right thing , breastfeeding as long as you can , I am doing the same thing ! Doctors don't know everything , if my daughter is satisfied with my milk and her weight is normal why should I give her solid food ? The later , the better !


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No, you don't need to cut back on breastfeeding. My son was barely eating solids at a year and still had some breast milk only days until around a year and a half.... and skipped lunch to nurse and nap some days even as a 2 year old. He'll be 4 next week and his rate of growth (25% at 2 and 3 year check up... mom is tiny) didn't slow down until we weaned at 3.25. By that age he was eating ALL the time AND nursing 1-5 times/day. He pretty much never went longer than 4 hours w/out nursing until he was around a year and a half though and didn't night wean til he was 2.

I would offer her small bits of food at regular intervals throughout the day, but don't worry about what she does or doesn't eat at this stage. Breast milk is still totally fine

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