Baby feeding Schedule (6 or 7 months)

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How many time (oz) do u nurse your baby when u introduced soild food? what is your baby feeding schedule?


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my son was EBF until about 11 to 12 months and then he started showing interest in food. We never did baby food, he hated it, I even made it all homemade. We did baby led weaning, basically he would eat what we were eating. At 18 months old, he still nurses on demand. Some days that is b/t 8 to 10 times and other days when we are busy and in the car a lot he will only nurse 4 times.

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My baby is not on solids yet, he will be 4 months old next week. But from what I've been reading, you should nurse first since that will be their primary nutrition and then offer solids. I would do it back to back though so that it is all one meal instead of feeding all day. My friends were nursing 4-5 times a day once solids were introduced and that was in 3 1/2-4 hr. intervals. Also I've heard to start with cereal twice a day then slowly work up to adding more choices and 3 meals with the extra 1-2 feedings being only breastmilk.

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My daughter wasn't quite on solids at that age, but when she started I nursed her first then about an hour late I offered some solids. We didn't do solids every day or a certain number of times a day. She nursed at least 6 times a day at that age and continued to nurse that much until after she turned a year old even while on solids.

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I feel like my daughter eats all day. I don't have her on a schedule, but she has a pretty regular routine:

8am - 6 oz bottle EBM (vitamins & iron)
9:30am - 2 oz EBM w/ rice cereal and 1/2 jar stage 1 fruit
11am - Nurse on one side (10 min)
12:30pm - Stage 1 veggie + stage 1 fruit
1:30pm - Nurse on one side
4:30pm - Nurse both sides
6:30pm - Stage 1 veggie + stage 1 fruit
7:30pm - Nurse on one side
9:30pm - Nurse her to sleep

That's just our routine. She was 2 1/2 mos early and is still small, not sitting up on her own, and has pretty bad reflux so I have to be careful what and how much she eats, but I think it's still a pretty normal schedule. Hope it helps!

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