baby girl eats a little all day long

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my daughter is 5 weeks old and eats every hour from 7am to 7pm! she eats from 5 minutes to hours at a time. i can't do anything. is this normal? she is gaining weight and i tried the bottle thing (2 bottles/2oz each) for about a week and it just gave her awful gas pains which i am still dealing with, i think. i am exhausted. she is happy which i know is the most important thing but....


Ida - posted on 04/05/2010




My children nursed every 1 to 2 hours round the clock. My son would not take a bottle umtil he was 7 months old. It was frustrating and tiresome... but those days do not last forever. Today my babies are 29(son) and 23(daughter) and my son has been active duty Navy for 10 yrs. I cherish the memories of how I had to nurse every 90 min. Time is fleeting. So, what is my take on this problem? I did not allow it to be a problem, I enjoyed/cherished every moment
I don't know if this is helpful, but it worked for me. my son is now a Naval officer and in pilot training - so something gave him strength. my daughter works in DC in a job that she loves (her goal) so again, something gave her strength/courage.
And of course they learn from their own decisions.
Good luck and ENJOY every special moment
Mom forever! :~))

Andrea - posted on 04/04/2010




Is it possible it's also a matter of her sleeping? You say she nurses for 5 mins sometimes? Is that because when she is done she is asleep? Or does she just pull off and seem happy? When she nurses for hours, is it because she is falling asleep and waking up over and over?

It might help to pay attention to her sleep while nursing - if she has only gone for 5 mins and falls asleep, wake her up so she can continue feeding for another 10-15 mins. If she seems to be going longer because she is sleeping and waking and sleeping and waking, just pay attention, she may be suckling in her sleep, and using you as comfort. So if you make sure she is awake for a good 15-20 mins per side (always offer both sides) then you will lengthen the short feedings and shorten the long feedings so that it's about the same for each feeding, which will help her feel full for longer. You can still feed whenever she is hungry, but it will help you get some time in between. Remember too, right about now is a growth spurt - so make sure you stick with it, and it will calm down, don't worry.


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Ida - posted on 04/08/2010




Babies go in cycles - that is the growing process. They will want to eat round the clock for a few weeks, then for a few weeks, you can barely wake them to eat. It is during this time that they are in the growing spurt. It is so wonderful to watch babies develop.
Yes, each baby is different but there are some norms for all human babies :~)) - it is all part of the life span growth and development process.
Just go with your instincts and if your drs are not worried then don't you worry Moms! Just ENJOY every moment! they are gone so fast

Ellen - posted on 04/08/2010




My son is 3 months and sometimes he still does this! He'll eat and eat and eat constantly. Thankfully it isn't every day anymore though. But as others have said every baby is different so it may or may not slow down.....

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thank you. it does help. i guess all children are diff. i am not going to give her a bottle. it didn't make her eat any less which is what i was trying to do. i gave her 4 oz a day. so...i am just feeding her when she is hungry and am oh so happy she is healthy and growing great. the doc said i had super milk so....we must be doing all right. it is hard to know what is 'right' as a first time mother. i just need to trust my instincs and not worry about the things that i read.

so, i will embrace the moments =)

Minnie - posted on 04/04/2010




Well, you're right- all babies ARE different. The very frequent nursing for lengths at a time and cluster feeding is most common in the early weeks/months for some babies.

My own 18 month old nurses about twice an hour during the day when she's not napping, and a few times a night. But the difference between my toddler now and when she was your daughter's age is that she only nurses for about two minutes each time. So the marathon nursing sessions won't last forever even if she still nurses frequently for some time. It does get easier, and you do get more used to the frequency!

Minnie - posted on 04/03/2010




It's so tiring when a baby wants to nurse so often. Some mothers find they are more able to get things done while tending to their babies' nursing needs by carrying and nursing their little ones in a sling or other soft baby carrier.

This article might provide some insight into the normal course of breastfeeding:

Although we always hear from health care professionals that babies should be nursing every two to three hours the truth is that every baby is different and that many babies need to nurse more frequently. Frequent and unrestricted access to the breast is the best way to ensure and maintain an adequate milk supply. Studies have shown that mothers have different capacities for milk storage, and those that had less had babies that nursed more often. It's not a matter of milk supply, but a necessity of more frequent nursing is all.

Tiffany - posted on 04/03/2010




yes it is normal my lil guy at all the time too i actually had my husband cut up my food for me so that way i could eat and breast feed but he slowed downed and now its like has never happened thank goodness

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