Baby lactose and Soy intolerant, still wanna BF

Shana - posted on 01/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I still want to breastfeed my baby, but she is lactose and soy intolerant. She went to a gastroenterologist about having bloody poo, and he told me that it's most likely because she's intolerant. I can cut out ALL dairy, and ALL soy if I wanna keep breastfeeding, or I have to put her on a special formula. I really want to keep breastfeeding, and I'm determined enough to do it, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this difficulty? Or if you have any good recipes that follow the no dairy no soy?


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Thanks for posting and clarifying that Lisa.
In my case, yes it was the protein in the dairy I was consuming that was the issue. I kind of forgot about that bit of info. A dietitian said that my son's GI tract was likely not mature enough to process the protein yet. After a few months though he was fine and I was able to eat dairy again. And now, he eats solids on a regular basis and has cheese and yogurt without any troubles.

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Let's get the facts straight here first: human milk has the HIGHEST concentration of lactose of any milk. Why? Because lactose is a sugar essential for the development of our large, fast-growing brains. It is so incredibly rare for an infant to be lactose intolerant. Cutting out dairy products will have no affect on the lactose in your milk. It's dumbfounding to me how many mothers are told by people who are supposed to be knowledgeable in this area that their infants are lactose intolerant thus they should cut out dairy. If your baby had true congenital lactose intolerance (galactosemia) this would have been caught within the first week of her life- she wouldn't have been able to gain weight.

However- cutting out dairy will remove cow's milk PROTEIN. Which is a more logical explanation of the blood in her stool. Cow's milk proteins are foreign to a human body. They are allergenic.

Now- blood in a baby's stool is also related to a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Have you ruled this out? See these three below articles for more information. You'd be surprised how many mothers think their infants are 'lactose intolerant' or have GERD, or a dairy allergy, when it is an easily rectifiable issue:

If you are sure you don't have the above issue, a cow's milk protein allergy is likely. There is no need whatsoever to put your baby on formula. Many vegan websites offer dairy and soy free recipes.

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I had to cut out dairy for a few months when my son started having green mucusy poops. It cleared right up after I cut out dairy and in the beginning I slipped up a couple times and the bad BMs came right back. I got really good at avoiding dairy though and it didn't take long to get used to not eating it. Unfortunately I don't have any good recipes for you but I just wanted to let you know that it's not as tough as it may initially seem. And once you get going with it, it feels like a much healthier diet anyways:) Best of luck to you!

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