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I go to a bi- weekly breatfeeding support group with my & 7 1/2 month old daughter. She is petite, but, 2 weeks ago she was 15lbs 8oz, and today she was 15lbs 6oz. I am concerned. I am wondering if anyone else had had this experience, or has suggestions for us? She eats solids twice a day (morning and supper). I was thinking of adding in lunch now, but I also know that my milk has more calories than these foods do. She is also quite the mover adn I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. Is there foods that I can eat or give to her that are super fatty and high in calories? I'm going to try avacado for sure. All suggestions are welcomed! thanks!


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If you are worried I would go see your pediatrician first. That having been said...Breastfed babies grow differently than formula fed babies. No one really tells us that sometime after the first 6 months that our babies weight gain will slow down. I have two kids that were both exclusively BF until they decided to show an interest in food. My oldest was about 8 months and a chunky little monkey! My youngest was around 6 months and had very few rolls. Avacados were both of their first foods...they love to mush them up and play! Anyway my daughter weighed 16lbs or so around 6 months. By 9 months she only weighed like 16.5 lbs. My son did the same thing at the same age. My pediatrician was very concerned, but I wasn't..only because they were growing developmentally appropriate (crawling learning new things, etc). By the time they were a year old they had each only gained between 2lbs to 4lb from their 6 month weight. Breast babies gain a lot of weight in the first 6 months and then really slow down and as long as everything else in on track there should be little concern (head circumference and height increasing). As far as the weight loss I don't really think that is a loss. 2 oz could just be pee! LOL. YOU know your child best and esp if she is a mover like you said maybe she is just busy growing other areas(like her brain). Talk to your doctor if you are really concerned or especially if she continues to lose weight. Hope that helps :)

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