Baby not latching - 4 weeks old

Marzena - posted on 01/15/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )





I'm having a big issue getting my baby to latch on. It's frustrating. I'm tryng and trying. I went to a lactation consultant at 2 weeks. Every time I put her to my breast she just started to cry and get angry. I relax. Sing to her... It doesn't work. I had a normal delivery. After though... my nurse never came to my room to assess me or baby. Never attempted breastfeeding with me. I was on my own trying my bes to breastfeed my baby. After my consultation...I had a nipple shield. It worked sort of. She some times latched and other times not. But couple days ago...She stopped latching at all. I have a partner that doesn't support me. Once she starts crying he wants to go straight to the bottle. He also told me that she won't breastfeed so keep pumping. That was so upsetting. I want the support. Hard to keep pumping and trying to take care of her at the same time. I pump every 3 hours around the clock. Only making just over 2 ounces with each session. Im also by myself during the day and night attending to her. My partner does a few hours in the evening. I really want to succeed in breastfeeding. I was having progress and now nothing. I feel hopeless. I wish there I was going forward not backwards. Will she ever latch? ?? My nipples are fine and baby has no issues to prevent her from breastfeeding.


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I'm so sorry you're having problems! One of my twins refused to latch and it took close to 2 months for him to finally latch..

Has she been evaluated for tongue tie? As far as pump output, 2 oz is actually on the high end of normal. And also, be aware that pump output is not a reflection of your actual milk production.

I am not sure what all you have tried, but here is what I did to get my son to latch. Be aware that this isn't going to be an overnight solution.

First rule, is of course, to feed the baby..

Here is what I did:
-Skin to skin. LOTS of skin to skin. Baby in just a diaper and you with no shirt and no bra.. Put her on your bare chest.
-Pump to get letdown going and then try to latch..
-Put some milk on her lips to try to get her to latch
-Breast compressions.

And I found this to be very important.. Try to latch at the first signs of hunger. Crying is a late sign of hunger. I found that if I waited too long and he was crying, it made the session a lot more difficult.

You can do this!!

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I had the same problem with my first child. I was a single working mom with no family in town to help me. I ended up pumping and supplementing with formula. Some breast milk is better than no breast milk. I had a great lactation consultant that would meet with me once or twice a week for 7 months but could never get a good latch sufficient to feed. I literally tried everything from lactation consultations, La Leche meetings, prescriptions to OTC herbal supplements, teas, heating pads, dark beer, etc, My production was very low as well, I would pump for 30 min on each side every 2-3 hours and would be lucky to get 3-5 oz total each time. But would wake up in a pool of milk after sleeping. I was able to keep this up for almost 8 mo. It is very difficult without support but if it is very important to you then there is a way to get some mommas milk in your child. DO what you feel is best but try not to let it ruin your life and know that what ever decision you make will be good for you and your family.

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