Baby on Strike!

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My LO is 9 months old and is now refusing the breast. :'(
It started Saturday night when she nipped me and got scared when I reacted. She will drink from a bottle and I even tried a regular cup (as suggested by several Lactation Consultants that I spoke with) but she likes the cup - little stinker! That being said, I know some babies go through this and I am working to get past it but would like to hear other mom's experiences, how long it took to get your baby back onto the breast, your feelings throughout the strike, etc. I miss it and can't wait for this to be over.


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This is what I posted in the other thread about nursing strikes.

Try nursing in a dark, quiet room. Keep trying when she's really sleepy. Pump when she would usually nurse to keep your supply going. You can try pumping until you feel a letdown and then latch her on. Skip the bottles. She may begin to prefer them because they are much faster than the breast. Try a cup or an eye-dropper to get breast milk in her. Also you could try lots of skin to skin. Keep him close to your breast as often as you can. Wear her in a sling or wrap. Keep offering. I know it's hard. My daughter's lasted a couple days.

Here's a great article from LLL on nursing strikes:

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