baby pulling own hair out while feeding?

Katie - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




A couple of weeks ago my 6 month old (exclusively breastfed) started reaching behind her head while feeding on left boob, and pulling on her hair at the last 1-2inches at the base.

I noticed after a couple of days that she must have been pulling out hair too, as there was a new bald patch.

I was worried she was stressed about something, and it was manifesting here.

She doesnt do this when feeding on the right boob.

But she does rest that same hand on her forehead (by reaching up from below) and in her hair if she can reach it. I am just glad she's not pulling it out from the front too!

Anyone else experiencing their baby pulling their own hair out??


Shannon - posted on 05/11/2010




my baby is 2 months and she has always done it..she reaches for the hair right behind her ear and holds onto it while she nurses and her other arms always ends up over her eyes lol She always did that.

Claire - posted on 05/06/2010




phewww!! i though there was something wrong with my baby...thank you mums...

Minnie - posted on 05/05/2010




Just a thing they do. Around that age babies need to keep their hands busy while nursing. Many mothers find a nursing necklace helps.

Chantal - posted on 05/05/2010




Yes! My baby pulls his own hair when he feeds. He doesn't appear to be pulling any out yet but he does pull on his hair!

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Kristin - posted on 01/23/2012




my 18 month old daughter does pull her hair while breastfeeding, shes not yanking it out but she does tug on it and sometimes pulls a few strands out. She also will play with my hair if its down so I try to let her play with mine so she leaves hers alone since mine is alot stronger than hers and if she pulls a few of mine out vs hers out mine are alot less noticeable lol I've found that using a nursing necklace helps ALOT! she will play with that and leave her hair and my hair alone. I got mine from Loris Nursing Necklaces(shes on facebook!/Loris.Nursing.Necklaces and her website is ) they are beautiful and very sturdy and well made, my daughter LOVES hers and its extra special because it has her name on it :)

[deleted account]

My son didn't have any hair at that age, but started doing that around a year.... It took a couple of months of me trying to hold his hand away from his head before he finally stopped doing it.

Katie - posted on 05/19/2010




that's a relief. other bubs do it too.
she has pulled on her hair less lately.
it must have been a new discovery of her body that she was learning from.
it just thought it'd actually hurt if she was pulling hair out and wondered why she'd keep doing it.
she has pulled at her ears since then too.
and I put on a necklace for a couple of days that I found when looking for something else, and she did like to hold the necklace, but would then bang her fist up and down on my chest, which I found more annoying.
she has also started touching my face and nose epecially, which is cute.
thanks ladies.

Brean - posted on 05/06/2010




my daughter pulls about 3-4 hairs out a day. :) i dont think shes stressed, i think she just gets over excited, she usually does it right when she starts her night time feeding.

Jeramie - posted on 05/05/2010




Mine didn't pull hair, but pulled her ears. Whichever she could reach, it looked painful! I have to hold her hand when she nurses. Now (11 months) she pinches me on the chest, neck, arm, wherever she can reach. The arm under her is pinching my back or arm, there is almost no way to keep her from doing it. I try to pin her arm down and she wiggles it out and pinches me more. I just have to keep her nails trimmed so it doesn't hurt as much.

Katrina - posted on 05/05/2010




I think just about all babies do that. All mine did that. It will grow back. My 7mth old just started doing that. It's something new to them and they are learning. It's soft and feels good in their hand . And just bc she doesn't do it with the other hand means that the hand she does do it with is the more prominent hand. So no worries mom, it will grow back :)

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