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Shawna - posted on 05/02/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 6 months and has had breastmilk in the bottle a few times and took it well. I have a hard time getting any of my milk out so i started to use formula when i was away which wasn't too often. He had formula maybe 5 or 6 times in the past 6 months. He took that well too. His dad tried to give him formula just recently and he refuses the bottle and the sippy, we thought it was the formula so we put breastmilk in the bottle and still he wont take it. Why wont he take it anymore?? Is it common for babys to refuse the bottle even if they took it before?? Im begining to think i might have a hard time weaning when he is older. Any input would be appreciated :-)


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Shannon - posted on 05/03/2009




If it becomes a thing that is needed, eventually he will have to take a bottle if he is hungry.. hate to say it, but we wet through it with a child in a child care center I used ot work. She HATED bottles... and at 6 months refused to eat. No child can go that many hours without eating, and all though on solids.. she did need milk now and then. Maybe he doesn't like the nipples onthe bottles.. I know my son refused to take a couple bottles this week becasue it came out too slow and caused the nipple to collapse the harder he sucked... if you are truely worried about later on, try having someone else offer him a bottle atleast once a day to get him used to them a bit more.

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i had that problem with my youngest, first week i was in hospital so he took a bottle fine, couldnt get hom on to formula milk untill he was ten months old, my addvice is he will let you know when he is ready for the bottle and if yopur worried about him eating go to your baby clinich and get him weighed

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It's totally normal for babies to go on bottle or nursing strikes, sometimes both!

My son initially took the bottle easily (with breast milk in it), but after a break of a few weeks, when I next needed to be away during a feed, he wouldn't take it at all. That lasted a few months (I'm always around, so the need for using a bottle is really sporadic). I had an event coming up where I'd be gone for 6 hours and I was really worried he would be so hungry. He took the bottle perfectly for his babysitter!

Don't worry about the future and weaning --- the only thing that's constant with babies is CHANGE!

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