Baby won't burp

Jenny - posted on 08/04/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My 5 week old baby is breastfed and has a hard time burping after she eats. Then her tummy gets really hard and she cries and cries until she eventually spits up. I told this to the doctor who said that she's fine but it upsets me that every time she eats she seems to be in pain after. HELP!


Denise - posted on 08/08/2009




I was told breast fed babies don't burp. My first child never burped. Then, when I had my second child, we were in the hospital and he was crying and i couldn't get him to stop. the nurse came in and said did you burp him. i thought duh and i did it. The thing is you can try and burp the baby, but if the baby doesn't burp, there is nothing you can do. Just comfort as much as you can. Also, try different ways to burp. you can put her up on your shoulder, put her across your lap, or you can sit her up hold her head and just rock her back and forth bending her at the waist. good luck

Minnie - posted on 08/04/2009




You may have a foremilk/hindmik imbalance. This is where baby is getting too much foremilk, and has to take a lot of milk in to satisfy her caloric need. This can lead to digestive upsets due to the large amounts of lactose that she must take in during a small amount of time. What you would do to rectify it is feed from one breast for however many feedings it takes that you can no longer easily squeeze milk from that breast. Then you would switch to the other. The pain and spitting up a while after feeding is an indication of this.

I have never had to burp either one of my daughters. If baby is latched on properly baby's not going to take in air while nursing. If she's not fussing at the breast she's not going to take in air either.

So if she's calmly nursing, and latched on properly, I'd say your best bet is you have a milk imbalance. She needs as much of the fatty hindmilk as possible.

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Gripe water and Mylicon work. My little guy doesn't always burp either. I burp him during the day, but at night I don't. Sometimes I lay him on his belly and he will burp that way.

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i would def try the gripe water, it works like a charm. also if you're getting too much fore/hind milk you could try expressing some either manually or using a pump. I have the same problem with my daughter not wanting to burp but i pump exclusively and bottle feed the breastmilk to her.

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My son had a hard time burping after he ate also, if I didn't get him to burp he would spit up until I did. He didn't have the pain or hard stomach though, which could be the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance that I've heard of but have not had any experience with since I've always fed on one side until empty before switching to the other. As far as burping goes, my son always latched on properly and still had to burp. All babies are different. I could see where some babies the latch might be the problem but that's not the answer for all babies that burp. I would definitely try gas drops and find what works best for burping methods for your baby. My son never burped over the shoulder or laying on my lap but did best sitting up with me supporting his chin or rubbing his back from bottom to top (making sure to put no pressure on the spine). As far as spitting up, it does seem to bother the parent more than the child. I hope the gas drops work for her pain and hang in there! Good luck and congrats on your new baby!


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Vanessa - posted on 08/08/2009




most breastfed babies do not burp they shouldn't need to if the latch is good

Annette - posted on 08/04/2009




most breastfed babies do not always have to be burped. but it may be something ur eating that is not agreeing with her. she also may be old enough for a gas medicine like mylicon to ease the pain and discomfort but ask ur dr 1st. I had to be very careful what I ate in the begining because it caused him horrible pain if it was too spicy, like indian food. now that he's older and his digestive system is more fully developed, I'm able to eat what I want and it doesn't seem to bother him anymore.

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