baby won't take bottle @ daycare

Stephanie - posted on 09/08/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Ruby has started daycare @ 8 mo. she has been breastfed and bottle fed, now that I am back to work and she is "seeing someone else" she won't take, bottle, sippy cup or anything else with breast milk or formula. We've tried the dirty shirt method, switching cups, and most else- HELP she is not getting the minimum required milk throughout the day and I can not make up for it at home any advice???


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Are you able to feed her before and after work as well as through the night? If so don't worry pack her good snacks cream soups made with breast milk mix her cereal with milk she may still be on the lower side of the recommended milk intake but she will be fine for the milk have you tried a straw it worked wonders for my youngest will she take water or juice in her cup?

Sarah - posted on 09/08/2009




I am sure that it has mostly to do with being fed by someone she doesn't know. If she is only used to really only you feeding her, it may take her a bit to warm up to the idea of being fed by someone else. Maybe you could take her in early and have the caregiver feed her while you are there within eyesight of her and slowly ease her into the transition. Then once she gets used to it, you could slowly start leaving before she is fed. Just a suggestion, but I hope it helps.

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I wouldnt worry about her not taking a bottle or sippy cup right now. Im sure that she is getting enough of the milk that she needs in either the milk you already give her when you are with her and as well the foods that she eats (cereal mixed with breastmilk) . You can give her yogurt made with whole milk (I know there is one called "Little ones") as well as any other dairy products that she eats. Just get them to keep offering it to her, and she may if she is hungry or thirsty enough, decide to drink it. She may just be rejecting it because she is in a strange place with strange people. I wouldnt worry about it and just give it some time and she may just come around.

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is she eating solids? maybe you could mix the milk into some of her solids(making them a bit runny) but at least she will be getting just that little bit more milk- sorry i could not be of more help good luck


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Monica - posted on 05/20/2014




Bianca. That is great but not a very helpful comment. Im guessing you were able to stay at home with your child. Not every mother is able to do so

Bianca Rica - posted on 09/08/2009




my 3 kids they never tried to bootle feed nor they ddnt taste any formula milk since birth till the age of two.. im proud to say that my eldest was the most outstnding pupil in their class when he was a day care student ang on his kinder he is still the top1 in their class.. my middle child at early as 1 he knows how to sing. and their emotional qoutient was very high.. which is 1 of the most important factor to childs development..

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