Baby won't take the bottle.

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I know this is a breast feeding community but just hear me out first!
My wisdom teeth are really badly impacted and I need to have an operation to get them removed, but obviously I can't breastfeed whilst the effects of the anesthesia are present in my body. So I've been building up my supply in the freezer so when I have the operation I have enough for my 4 month old. Only problem is I went to the movies today, left baby at home with Daddy and a bottle (tommee tippee closer to nature bottle and teat) thinking everything would be fine! I get home to a screaming hungry baby and an angry frustrated husband. She only drank 30mL in 4 hours! She ended up draining both breasts. I don't see how I'm going to bottle feed her when I get my op. if she was that bad with my husband. Any tips on how to get my darling girl to drink breast milk from a bottle, cup, spoon? ANYTHING!??!


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When my daughter first went to the sitter, she had a rough time, but eventually gave in to the bottle. I also tried different ones to see what she would like better. She now only drinks from a sippy cup when I am not around.
I had to take Steroids about a month ago and couldn't nurse at all for a week any expressed milk had to be pitched. So I kind of know what you are dealing with, except for mine was at the age now that she took a sippy cup.

Another note, I would ask the doctors when you go into surgery. I could only imagine the medicine making baby just a little bit sleepy. If we think about it there are cases where mothers have to be put to sleep to deliever their baby and they can nurse afterwards or ones that get the epideral. Just some thoughts, I would definitely check with your doctor. Good Luck! Hope you feel better soon!

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I have just had an operation and like you i was very worried. i talked to the anesthetist before the op and he reassured me that i would be able to feed lottie as soon as i had fully come round. The worry was much worse than the reality, i fed her just before going under and drank lots of water, in the end we only missed one feed. Baby will be ok and you need this op. Daddy will manage.
xxx good luck


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Joanna - posted on 12/26/2010




I'm having the same problems. I talked to a friend who had this problem as well, and one thing that helped is she said she (this might be a bit weird) squished some milk on her hubby's shirt. Then he was able to get her to take a bottle. My Hubby thought that was gross, so I simply wore one of his shirts to bed, then he wore it while I left, but our daughter still wouldn't take the bottle.

I bought a couple new bottles to try, maybe you could try some different ones? I'm trying Adiri and breastflow bottles next, heard they were the best.

Good luck! I'll be checking back in this thread for suggestions to use for my girl too.

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