baby wont stop crying

Arena - posted on 01/12/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




2 month old crys for hrs at a time dr says not collic just a cry baby does any one have any ideas of how to get her to stop or help what could make her cry like that


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Angela - posted on 10/31/2017




To soothe my always crying colicky baby, I have successfully used “Babies magic tea”. I was drinking the tea and was also giving directly to my little one and got him soothed instantly.

Beck - posted on 01/12/2010




You poor thing there is nothing worse, I like the cluster feeding and sling ideas (pop bub in and rather head for a stroll or continue doing house work etc) Also, at about that age I did find my bub used to have terrible pains after I had a lot of dairy, especially soft serve icecream - now I never thought there was a link...but cutting dairy for a few months until he started solids did seem to cut the painful cries ? ? Good luck

Naomi - posted on 01/12/2010




do you notice a pattern, for example, only in the evenings (like pp asks). or after meals or another certain time of day?
What have you noticed helps her so far?
swaddling, rocking, bf'ing, car ride, bouncing, etc? anything?

When my son was really irritable I'd give him chamomile. At that age I'd give like 1 teaspoon of tea to about 30 ml of water.

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Is it only in the evenings? My daughter was pretty fussy in the evenings for the first several months. We just kept trying things (walking with her, bouncy chair, music, swaddling). Cluster feeding worked the best. I offered the breast just about every hour during her fussy time which was about 6p-10p. Tanking up on breastmilk let her (and me) get a little bit of sleep before she needed to eat again at night and the sucking was soothing to her.

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