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Jodi - posted on 10/10/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




A few months ago I received a survey about breastfeeding in the mail. It did not ask for any personal information (although they obviously already had my name and address), only asked for the birthdate of my child but not name and all sorts of questions about breastfeeding; whether I had breastfed, if I started in the hospital or at home, if my child had ever had formula and if so how much and what brand, how long I had breastfed for, how frequently I breastfed my child at a certain ages and if I had received formula samples, if so from where (ie hospital, doctor, mail) and from whom (similac, enfamil etc etc).
I filled out the survey feeling good about myself in helping in a survey to understand breastfeeding better or whatever purposes it was for.
Since then, I have been receiving formula samples and couples in my mail 2-3 times a week (which is absurd because my daughter is a toddler and shouldn't be on formula any longer to begin with even if I had chosen to formula feed her) I'm getting samples from every formula brand under the sun, brand name and generic and coupons for "great" deals on "great" formula!
So just beware, normally I would never tell someone NOT to fill out a breastfeeding survey, but this is just a sly, sneaky and manipulative way to target breastfeeding mothers and push formula down their throats once again. I really wish I could remember the company name so I could do *something* about it, write a letter, make a call or whatever.
Last note, this has nothing to do with the survey of which Laura Hoffman recently posted, or at least to the very best of my knowledge has nothing to do with it as the name is not familiar.


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Julie - posted on 10/13/2010




i had gotten a similar survey and the same thing happened to me my son is almost 9 months old and i remember filling it out when he was about a month old

also i filled out one for diapers (we use cloth) and have gotten bags of diapers too

Lise - posted on 10/10/2010




I filled out that survey - or one similar - but noted on it that I hated getting all the formula samples. I haven't received any more.

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I didn't fill out any survey, but have been recently receiving samples of formula in the mail. I too breastfed my daughter. I stopped when she was 13 months.

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