Better off waiting to buy breast pump after birth?

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I've read from various comments that some mothers bought their pumps ahead of time and only been capable of using them for a couple weeks before things became difficult with milk supply. And some have had success. I really want to buy one, babiesrus have a sale til Tues for medella which seems to be pretty popular and at an affordable price, but I'm afraid of wasting money if things don't turn out the way I planned. I know when my time comes I'll definetly discuss this with the lactation consultant once my baby is here and hopefully become successful with latching on and having enough milk supply. I always keep myself hydrated, I drink plenty of water and eat the right foods, take walks. I hate to miss this sale, I'd rather pay $50 than $130+ for an (electric hands free) double or single breast pump, since I just started maternity leave and won't have any income for the next couple months. But a woman just can't predict these things, especially picking out the right breast shield size right? They will get a tad more bigger once the baby is born right? It's been 8 years since I had my last child, this will be my second and I wasn't successful with pumping, had a manual one and only got 2 tablespoons at least and quit after trying for a week and went to formula. That included breastfeeding as well since I felt so depressed and evious that most mothers didn't need a nipple shield to breast feed since mine came out whenever they felt like it and went back to being inverted...still happens.


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Lori - posted on 10/06/2012




I bought my medela pump when I was pregnant with my first. And I did end up using it and getting my monies worth out of it I think.

You could buy it now that it's on sale, and not open the box yet. Keep that receipt with the box, and if it turns out you don't use it.. return it. If any part of it is opened I suspect they won't accept it as a return.

As for the right size breast shield. The pumps come with a standard size shield. If you end up needing a different size, you can buy that later.

And just because things didn't work out breastfeeding your first doesn't mean it won't work this time. Since you know you have inverted nipples, get yourself in contact with an IBCLC NOW. Talk with her about your concerns now.. before the baby is born, and make sure she'll be able to visit you in the hospital when the baby is born. Getting help early will make a huge difference.

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