bf while preg: tips please!!

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i'm looking for any advice on how to avoid pain with nursing while pregnant, how can i also avoid changes in supply and taste of my breastmilk?
i've spoken to a nutritionist about making sure i get enough calaries each day to provide for all 3 of us. but i'm worried about drying up or my baby weaning himself if the taste changes. thanks for any advice :)


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You really can't prevent those things. You can do things to try to help. Make sure baby has a good latch every time. Some older babies/toddlers get a little lazy and this will make pain worse. My soreness started at 7 weeks. It was pretty intense at times. I tried distracting myself during BF sometimes to take my mind off of it. The soreness has mostly gone away for me and I noticed it started feeling better around 21 weeks.

I've heard that Mother's Milk Two is safe while pregnant, but check with your doctor first. When you're pregnant the hormones that sustain your pregnancy can also cause the alveoli in your breast (the part that stores milk) to become permeable. This makes it harder to store milk. Frequent feedings can help ensure your little one still gets milk. Your milk will change to colostrum towards the end of your pregnancy. This is a good thing because your newborn will need this. Your older baby can have it as well and may not mind at all.

BF through pregnancy is difficult because you never know how your nursling will react. Some mothers don't notice any change in BF while pregnant and others notice major changes. You just have to take it day by day. I may have told you this before, but the book "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" by Hilary Flower has tons of great info on nursing through pregnancy.

My 22 month old is still nursing 2-3 times/day. I think she's noticed that I'm feeling better because her nursing sessions are longer than they were when I was really sore. I'm looking forward to tandem nursing if she chooses to nurse through the rest of this pregnancy. Good luck!


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I don't know if this suggestion will help, but it was a lifesaver for my nipples when I first started breastfeeding and it was VERY painful for me. Nipple Butter by first years. I swear by it. It healed my nipples overnight, and almost within an hour of applying it to my chaf, sore nipples they felt SOOOOO much better. I used it before and after each feeding for the first 3 months and NEVER had a problem with soreness. Then around 4.5 months they got sore again (because I apparently was getting my period again), so I started using the butter again and WHAMOO, like instant relief. The cool thing is its made with mostly organic ingredients and does not contain lanolin.

Okay hope that helps.

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