Biting while Nursing

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My 10 week old daughter tends to bite one breast when she nurses, but not the other. I've tried flipping her cheeks lightly to get her attention, but that no longer works. Any suggestions?


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She's likely not "biting" you. She's clamping down on the nipple to stop the milk that's spraying too forcefully in her mouth. I had this problem with one of my breasts - overactive letdown - but not the other, that's why I think this may be your problem too. Once my milk let down she would either pull away (fussy or not fussy) or clamp down (very painful!). Sometimes she would choke, sometimes she would just make a "clucking" noise, due to a poor latch from trying to handle all the milk. Does your daughter do any of this? Talk to your local LLL about how you can remedy this. Mine had to do with a milk oversupply, but I'm not sure if that's exactly what you're experiencing. Try to determine if this is or isn't the problem before you scold her. Good luck!

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A stern "no" and cutting off the feed usually works. After a few times, they should stop.


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Break the feeding, wait a little bit and then start again. Try to remain calm and do your best not to startle her. With my first, she bit me and I think I flinched or something and that triggered a nursing strike (not fun). They do get it if biting means no milk. It just takes a little bit.

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A baby that's 10 weeks old might not understand like an older child... I would consult a lactation consultant or a leader in a local La Leche League group.

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Just wait for teeth! Now, that hurts. My 8 month old will bite when I'm not paying attention or when one side is empty. I say"NO" quite loud and push down a bit on her chin so she can't close her jaw. It doesn't take much, just a soft push downward. Trust me, the tone of the "NO" or "OUCH" will be enough to stop them.

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Yes, I agree with and did the same as Lorilynne. I just could not hit or flick or flip my son. It is about respect and personal dignity in my mind. And, as you can see not effective. Show her that biting equals no milk. She'll learn. One bite, take her off, tell her no that hurts. Wait a few to five minutes. Then put her back on. If she bites again, she's done nursing until the next normal scheduled time. She may protest, but that's the way it goes. Again, it'll likely only take a few times of this before she learns biting means no milk. My son is 23 mo. with a full mouth of teeth, we don't have this problem. He only accidentally bites some when he's falling asleep so I take him off and re-latch or if I can take him off all together. Time to start communicating clearly and teaching her about cause and effect.

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I used to take my daughter off when she would bite and tell her "if you're going to bite, I can't feed you" Then I would let her try again. After a few times of me interupting her feeding, she stopped biting.

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