bleeding HEAPS whilst breast feeding??

Samantha - posted on 03/16/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi all, im still nursing my 7 month old but only morning n night, and last night i started bleeding very heavy i guess its my period but i thought you dont get your period whilst nursing? i woke up this morning to find lots lots more blood i have been reali stressed last few weeks but i didn think a period should be this heavy as iv never had one this bad before, i guess im asking if i should be worried or anything? has this happened to anyone else?


Elizabeth - posted on 03/17/2011




The first period after my oldest daughter was so heavy I had to keep running to the bathroom because there were big gushes and I was afraid it wasn't all getting soaked up by the pad. So bad I soaked like 3 pads in an hour. It was the only one I ever had like that. After my 2nd child it came back as it had normally.

Michelle - posted on 03/16/2011




You can for sure get your period back while nursing. With my son I think it came back at 6 months and my daughter at 10. Both exclusively breastfed. My new little one is only 3 months and so I haven't yet. But you can and you can ovulate too. Is it possible that you are pregnant and didn't know it? Maybe had a miscarriage. Probably (hopefully) not but it is one reason to have what seems like a really heavy period. You can ovulate before you even have your first period post partum. Some of it could just be the fluctuation of your hormones or stress. Hopefully that's all it is. You should probably talk to a doctor.

Heather - posted on 03/17/2011




yep, quite a few of my girlfriends saw their periods return around the 6-month mark while they were breastfeeding. And often it was a crampy, heavy return to cyclical life. a lucky few like me got it back right after birth despite round the clock breastfeeding. every gal is different.

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Yes your period can return while BF especially if you just recently cut back on nursing. Since it's been a while that may be why it's a little more heavy. Or some women's cycles change after having a baby and this may be your new norm. You posted about having low iron, right? You may want to give your doctor a quick call because a super heavy flow can make your anemia even worse.


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Samantha - posted on 03/16/2011




yes i did post post that about my iron, thank you so much i didnt even think of that!

Thank you :)

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