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Jamie - posted on 09/29/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My breastfed daughter is now 23 weeks old and refuses to take a bottle. She took one at 2 weeks and 4 weeks and has refused since. I have tried several nipples, leaving her with a sitter and when juice became ok I tried juice and water. Sippy cups are going the same way. Anyone else ever have this problem and find a solution because I'm tired of wasting money on bottles she won't take and really need a break.


Jane - posted on 09/30/2009




My boy refused to take a bottle - for about three weeks. I was going back to work part time and he needed a drink while I was away. We tried lots of different types of teats, and he refused them all (Nuk, Avent.) It was breast milk so not anything he didn't like. We had lots of different people try (cos the mum should be out of the room!) and finally, after trying every day for a few weeks, and using a teat called the Chu Chu teat, shaped more like a nipple- he took the bottle. Keep perservering. Good luck!

Sara - posted on 09/30/2009




have you tried using nipple sheilds first. and so she will accociate the teat with your milk and then use. the german teat called nuk. my daughter loved them now. i know what its like to know that she wont take from bottle. but its my milk in the bottle so i dont get out much lol seriously try the nuk teat x

Anne - posted on 09/29/2009




Something that worked for us... You could try a nipple shield when you are nursing. I had to use one at first because my daughter was having trouble latching, but then she also learned that silicone "gives" milk. With my son, I haven't had to use the shield, and I have a lot harder time getting him to take a bottle. I wouldn't recommend using the shield all the time because it does make nursing a little harder, but it will help both of you in the long run.

You can also try just giving your baby a cup and straw. That was another thing that my daughter loved as soon as she was big enough to hold it for herself. They do have the ones that have tight fit lids, or the cups with pop up silicone straws.

Good luck!!!


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Tara - posted on 09/30/2009




All I can say is good luck! And youre doing a great thing by breastfeeding your child. Maybe try a break after youre done feeding. sounds like your munchkin isnt done getting the best start out of life! And this isnt going to be forever, so hang in there. Introducing the bottle was the worst thing I ever did. My child self weaned at 5 months :(

Francesca - posted on 09/30/2009




I know how you feel. My little Ella took a bottle twice at two weeks old, and never again. She is now five months old and would rather starve than take a bottle. We have tried every kind of bottle, and numerous pacifiers too. However she does really well with a sippy cup. But with the cup she does not want her juice or water warm, she wants it ice cold.

Good luck!

Amy - posted on 09/29/2009




My baby was really picky and we use NUK bottles. She loves them! Oh and if you're baby takes a passy... Try finding a nipple similar to her passy nipple.

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