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Jessica - posted on 07/15/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I'm going crazy every day when I try to get dressed. I know my breasts will never be the same, but isn't there a bra out there that will fit & keep them in there? I've been measured & fit but nothing works. They just wanna pop out! Any advice? I need a bra that isn't going to drive me nuts. I'm ready to set fire to what I just bought.


Jessica - posted on 07/15/2009




I'm still breastfeeding but just 1x a day @ bedtime. Planning on dropping that one in about a month. They don't fluctuate in size as much as they used to. I range from a 32/34 C/D. But I'm all floppy & just fall out in the middle of my bras. I'm constantly putting the girls back in. A sports bra would only work part of the time. I miss my good old victoria's secret bras, but they just don't do the job like they used to.

Minnie - posted on 07/15/2009




If your breasts are trying to 'pop' out of the cups (like you end up having four boobs instead of two), the cups are too small. You also want the band to be tight enough so that it doesn't ride up your back and cause your breasts to sag downward.

For breasts falling towards the middle and not staying in the cups, get a full-coverage bra, that has a high center in it. No demi cups or deep plunges with just a small center piece. The full-coverage cups need to be just tight enough that there isn't much slack to the fabric so that they hold your breasts in.

Cristina - posted on 07/15/2009




I had the same problem. I eventually switched to a sports bra until I knew my milk supply was gone, and that my breasts finally stopped changing size. If what I wanted to wear did not cover the sports bra, I switched to a reg. bra, but once I came home, I switched back.

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Nicoke - posted on 06/09/2013




I have the same problem. Breats lost their firmness and just fall to the center with every bra. I've spent $100's of dollars thinking "this is the one" until I walk around wearing "the one" and there go my breasts, back to the center :( Finding a swimsuit is even difficult.

Meg - posted on 07/17/2009




I found I had to go down a cup size. Also, I went to a store that had a large selection of bras and tried a whole bunch of them on to find some that fit right. Mostly I buy soft cup cotton bras, which work just fine for my cup size as long as they are not too skimpy.

Carrie - posted on 07/16/2009




The part that really stinks is... if you get a bra that keeps them in... then you can't wear many scoop neck and vneck shirts because the bra shows. i hated that. i own ONE bra that i like, the rest can go in the trash (or nursing bras that can go in the box with the maternity stuff now that I'm done nursing) Sorry it's so hard - I don't think there's any good answer!

Miangelbug - posted on 07/16/2009




I still have trouble finding bras and I stopped breastfeeding 9 months ago. I am a 34 band but WAY bigger than a DD. I currently only have one bra because the full coverage 34 ii (my breast never went back to prepegnancy size) I have cost $57. I had to order it from a lady that sells bras that are smaller bands and bigger cups. I have't got another yet because they went up to about $75 a piece! Hopefully you have better luck. I do know they make some "normal" looking bras that unlatch and you could feed still. It might be a littel harder to feed but it's worth a try.

Angela - posted on 07/15/2009




Since baby was born, 16 months old now still bf, I have been wearing tank tops with built in bra. They have been the most comfortable.

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i have that problem too... I've never been super perky and I am large chested (34 D when not nursing) also have somewhat conical breasts. I finally had to give up the notion of defined cleavage and was able to find some really nice pretty bras at Dillards. Can't find them anywhere else--they just don't have the size selection, unless they're granny bras. but push-up bras just don't work! I fall right out the middle cause i'm kinda floppy...

Stina - posted on 07/15/2009




My guess is every woman is different in this area. Are you still breastfeeding or are you done?

After my first two weaned, I found my breasts had lost all the firmness I never appreciated. My favorite bras became lace ones b'c they hold'm up and give an illusion of firmness again.

At the moment I'm nursing #3 and find it hard to fit into bras. throughout the day I swear they change about 2 cupsizes depending on when the last feeding session was. So my favorites are cotton stretchy nursing bras... but I generally wear a padded underwire during the day even though the cups go from just a wee bit big, to extremely filled throughout the day- because they hide the outline of my nursing pads and catch any extra leakage when the floodgates open.

Bottom line, I hate bra shopping b/c my own ribcage has always been small for my cupsize. 32 DD before kids. 34 DD and larger after - Nursing bras for DD start at 36... They just don't seem to make my size in normal or nursing bras. So I make due and when I find one that works, I go back and buy 2 or 3 more.

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