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I am about 30 weeks pregnant, but fully hoping to breastfeed. However, at this point my ribs have stretched out so much! I went from a 36 to 42, and that was last week, could be worse now. So 2 questions for you breastfeeding moms, as I want to go buy a nursing bra now because I am also leaking. Did your ribs go back down after the baby was born? Will my breasts get bigger when my milk arrives? I have heard they will stay about the same size they are now.

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Jessie - posted on 07/18/2012




I had a similar problem, my boobs are E32 and my boobs kept growing and growing when I was pregnat. I put my old bra I didn't have a shirt yet and my husband was lying on the bed. and I was picking out a shirt to wear. and right when I pent over it snapped and flew across the room. My husband kept laughing so I quickly picked out a shirt to put on without a bra. and got into the car to buy a new bra. I was picking out a bra and my girlfriend showed up and to my suprise my boob had fallen out of my shirt and I carried a conversation with her for aout 5 miinutes she finally said "well your boobs sure have grown!" and pointed at my shirt. my boob had fallen out and I picked it up and it squeezed milk out onto her face. I got so embarssed I picked up my purse and apolgized. She ran after me and said it was okay! I've seen wore
Luckily it all turned out well becuz we ended up going to the movies..

Ashley - posted on 03/02/2009




Yea i recommend the tanks especially for the begining since your almost always feeding anyways!! They are comfortable too!! and you can sleep in them!!

Melissa - posted on 03/02/2009




I would also go with the nursing tanks from Target. My ribs haven't gotten smaller yet and my daughter is 10 months old. My boobs got bigger after the milk came in but 10 months later have gotten a bit smaller. If you can wait to buy the expensive bras, do it after the engorgement phase when your body knows exactly how much to produce. It will save you from buying the wrong size bra. The sleep bras by Gillian O'Malley from Target are great too, very comfortable and inexpensive.

Barbara - posted on 03/02/2009




Same thing happened to me.  My ribs got smaller as soon as I delivered, though.  It's just that all your internal organs are jammed up there right now, but they will go back to where they belong once there's a little room down there.

I bought a nursing bra when I was still pregnant, but once I wasn't and my milk came in it was useless and I needed some different ones.  Get some nursing pads for now and wear a sports bra to bed.  Make sure the pads don't have any plastic on them as that prevents your nipples from being able to "breathe"  which can be a huge problem once you start nursing.  I bought some reusable fabric ones and they worked great.

[deleted account]

Tanks are "ribs" did get smaller after I delivered 44 to 38and the cup went up a little DD or E to small DDD or F. I also like Gilligan O'Malley sleep bras for comfort.

Jessica - posted on 02/28/2009




I lost my pregnancy weight within 8 weeks, but every woman's body is different in the postpartum. My breasts didn't change much in size after pregnancy, they are temporarily huge when your milk comes in! Milk usually comes in between 3-10 days after the baby arrives...(again, could be quicker or later depends on your body). I know that doesn't help your situation with buying a bra or not, but maybe if you buy a 38 or 40 it would adjust to fit well with the different latches?

Melody - posted on 02/28/2009




I also LOVE the Gillian O'Malley tanks. My ribs also expanded up from a 38 to a 42 and I bought some of those bra extenders at Target for just a few bucks before I switched to the nursing tanks. I had already bought new bras several times during my pregnancy and it seemed like I would never stop growing!

Melissa - posted on 02/28/2009




Hey, I got so big during my pregnancy, I had to buy new bras 3 times. Finally around 34 weeks, I decided to heck with it and went straight to nursing bras. I bought 2 I think, and then waited to get more once I had the baby and my size adjusted, but the good news was that I bought the same size before and after the pregnancy. I LOVE the bravado bras!! They are super comfortable, and adjust with your size, they fit great when my breast are full and they fit when I'm empty!!
As for the rib thing, you can buy attachments to go on your bra to make it bigger. My little guy is now 6 months and I honestly couldn't tell you if the ribs have gone in...I'm sure they have, but I haven't noticed.

Also, I agree with Tegan, I love nursing tanks. Especially when you are just figuring stuff out and don't want you belly exposed. Another great trick, is to wear (if you have one) you bella band, and bra. That way your stomach is always covered.

Tegan - posted on 02/28/2009




I have lived in the Gilligan O'Malley nursing tanks from Target since my son was born. I found them to be easier in the beginning than worrying about a bra and shirt. They're really comfortable and hide your stretchmarks so you don't have to pull your shirt up to nurse! Ha ha!

I would invest in one of those for now. You never know how you'll feel after delivery and having one of those and some comfy pants was what I needed! I'd wait to invest in an expensive nursing bra because you really don't know what size your boobs will be!

Carissa - posted on 02/28/2009




My size around went down (42 to 40), but the cups went up slightly (small DD to big DD) when my milk came in.  If you're going to invest in a good (i.e. $$$) nursing bra, I would wait to see what happens.  I'm sure it is different for everyone. :)

Nicole - posted on 02/28/2009




i would wait if you want to get a nursing bra . since you still grow after you have your baby. i bought a nursing bra at 30 weeks and when i put it on it was really small. and if your leaking try buyin nursin pads they are very use full .oh and i think the rib size will go down but not your chest special right after. but all in all its your decison and some times its exciting to go get the first nursing bra. good luck with everything. : )

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