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hello, so im a sahm but i usually work functions occasionally durning the yr...this yr bubs is 7months and breast feeding, bottle as well.but durning the day dad is home but he is very attached to me and usually sucks for comfort alot say he drinks from me, then bottle top up, then usually he drinks more to go to sleep for comfort etc....

just wondering if u ladies have ever expereinced going back to work after a while and if bubs was o.k, i dont wanna stop breast feeding and can pump at work (durning lunch)..also what about milk supply? he is eating a little maybe 1 meal a day...he doesnt have a dummy but do u think that would help 4 when im away? its only for 4 days 9am-5pm im just worried am i being silly?

thanks :)


Jennifer - posted on 02/07/2010




First off, let me applaud you for breastfeeding your son into his 7th month. Many women give up so early or just let the formula feedings take over. I think it is wonderful that you are doing your best to provide him with that! Very few stick with it in the end!

I had to officially go back to work when my dd was 4 months old (she is now 10 months old and just recently started eating solids regularly). It was a hard transition! What I can say, if you are regularly going to be gone you will want to pump as frequently as possible to maintain your supply as well as keep a stash at home so he is happy in your absence. I do recommend a used, electric pump for the best results. You can buy these used (if you don't already have one) contrary to what people tell you. I keep one pump at work and one at home. I am a school teacher and can only pump once during the actual work day but I also pump first thing in the morning and right after my students leave to keep things flowin'. Honestly, he is probably doing more than comfort sucking if he is spending that much time at your breast and he will need the milk when you are gone even if you are supplementing with formula. Every little bit will help him! You may want to go to to get some more information on what he may need while you are away and the best ways to maintain supply and so forth! I hope this helps a little. It is definitley difficult to maintain breastfeeding and working, but it can be done! Good luck :-)

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